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Desarae Tasnady, Section Editor

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Hesperia is always in need of improving and the Interact Club is one to stand up and make a difference. Diane Rodriguez, also known as D-Rod, the Career Center Specialists and the founder of the Interact Club at Oak Hills, stated that,” We have meetings twice a month and activities we have about four to five times a month.” All of the sign-ups are optional and are recommended. Mrs. Rodriguez has worked ever since 1999 from Hesperia High School to Oak Hills to create a club to improve the world, but she didn’t do it alone. She had the help of the local Rotary Club to sponsor the Interact Club here at Oak Hills High School.

         “I am amazed every year by the students that volunteer. The club just continues to grow and it is like I’m just here to be the adult advisor. They do it all, they are in charge of the activities, and we have 40-50 people show up for almost each activity.” The club has well over 100 members and they all work hard and have the same goal to change the world for the better. Some alumni still carry the duties of an Interact Club member and volunteer at shelters on their own time.

          “We take kindergarteners to Target and we have 100 dollars to shop with them for clothes and stuff, ” stated Tyler Caldwell,”Then they get a big toy at the end and we go to Golden Corral afterwards to eat. We also team up with Hesperia High School in this.” Only officers are able to do this, but you can ask D-Rod about becoming an officer and there will be an election towards the end of the year.

           “In Southern California among all the Interact Clubs, our reputation and our name is out there to the point where the city knows who we are, local organizations know who we are, we get tons of requests for people to help us,” mentioned D-Rod. Interact isn’t just locally known, they are globally known. They have meetings twice a month, so be sure not to miss it.

           “We meet a lot of different people and it makes you open your eyes to what their is out there,” commented Aires Torres. The kids in Interact Club continue to inspire everyone they meet and they inspire themselves too. If you want to join, talk to Diane Rodriguez in the Career Center for further information.

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