To be a Valedictorian

Dane Steen, Sports Section Editor

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A valedictorian is someone who has the highest academic achievements within a graduating class and usually gives the valedictorian speech at graduation. Valedictorians tend to excel in their classes, and are the pinnacle of academic accomplishments. They are what those in the graduating class aspire to be. They have worked extremely hard to come as far as they have, and they have excelled beyond the expected, earning themselves the title of Valedictorian.

Mason Portales, one of the class of 2016 valedictorians, said, “I took Arabic at VVC (Victor Valley College), I have around a 4.5 GPA.” Mason is one of two valedictorians for the class of 2016. He is a smart individual who has worked hard to be able to receive the title.

Being a valedictorian is more than just a title. When a college sees that a high school valedictorian is applying to their college, the student has a much higher chance of acceptance. It requires a strong work ethic and the willingness to be more than just a student.

Despite this well-earned honor, Mason has one message: “Don’t get caught up with the idea of being valedictorian. While it’s important to have goals, I wouldn’t recommend working for the title alone. Don’t worry about it.”

Mason will present a speech to his graduating class on graduation day. Events and other details regarding the Class of 2016 graduation ceremony can be found at the Paw Print Senior Events section of our website.


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