Seniors’ Graduation Venue

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Seniors’ Graduation Venue

Abbie Russo, Writer

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Over the years at Oak Hills High School, the San Manuel Amphitheater has been our go-to for graduation venues. Seniors almost had to graduate on campus until things were finally worked out.

The school calendar changed graduation to the week after Memorial Day, and the San Manuel Amphitheater was not available at the time, but it is now.

“Most of the parents are concerned about the tickets,” said Genevieve Johnston, the Associated Student Body (ASB) Activity Director here at OHHS, “We try to make the best of whatever they put in front of us.”

Before the San Manuel Amphitheater was approved, having graduation at the OHHS football stadium was an option. More of the seniors’ parents reacted in different ways. Most people wanted all of their family and friends to come and watch them get their high school diploma, but the parents were worried about the capacity of our football field, and the amount of tickets that are going to be sold.

“If we had a final decision on the venue, and it did end up being the football field, it will involve a lot more work,” Johnston continued, “But we will always make the best of the situation.”

Senior Jessica Woll supports the choice of ASB stating that, “Whatever works for the school, I don’t mind where we go.”

Some students did not mind OHHS stadium being an option for graduation. Senior Ana Ascencio stated, “I was pretty upset at first, but then I thought it is better than having nothing at all. And it would be more convenient so people will know where to go. I am still a little disappointed though.”

The final decision has been made, and with much discussion, the Class of 2016 will be having their high school graduation at the San Manuel Amphitheater on May 26, 2016.