10 Reasons Valentine’s Day is Overrated

Why Valentine's is overrated and too mainstream

Bennett DeHart, Journalist, Writer.

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Valentine’s Day, for some, is a way to express your undying love to your significant other to let them know how much they mean and shower them in gifts and boxed candies… for others, it is a reminder of how alone you are. Here are my top ten reasons why Valentine’s Day is overrated.

1: People who do not have Valentine’s feel alone and unloved.

Like mentioned above, if you do not have a Valentine it can be the worst feeling. Seeing all the other couples displaying their “love” and affection can almost be revolting, (but hey, that is why Netflix has Michael Bolton’s Valentine’s Day Special). Speaking of Netflix, did you know that 36% of the general population will watch Netflix on Valentine’s day? 

2: It makes those who are in relationships extremely stressed about trying to keep up with expectations.

If you have ever been in a relationship when the holiday comes around, you know the amount of stress that comes with trying to plan and prepare. It is a nonstop rollercoaster until the big day, which is why more and more people have begun celebrating Valentine’s Day with beloved pets. About 19 percent of people bought Valentine’s Day gifts for their furry friends for a total of $681 million. 

3: People use the day as an excuse to only treat their significant other well on one day when every day they should.

Have you ever noticed that some people wait until it is Valentine’s Day to show their partners how much they love them; when in reality, every day should be a day to express love? If you love someone, you should express your feelings to them on a daily basis and not wait for one day out of the year. It is not just actions that matter.

4:  If you are not in a relationship your friends do not know how to act around you.

When it comes to making things awkward I tend to be the King, but I have also noticed that on Valentine’s Day, if you are single and hanging out with a friend who is in a relationship, they tend to act mildly different. I am not sure if it is because they feel sorry for you or not. Either way, do not third wheel on Valentine’s Day.

5: You feel obligated to do something if you are in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship (like mentioned in #2) you feel obligated to go out of your way and do something special for the one you love. The reason I added this to the list is that if I have to feel obligated to do something for someone just because it is a holiday, it makes me feel like I am doing a chore. It is something I originally was going to do, but now because you expect me to do it, I do not want to.

6: It leaves a hole in your pocket.

No matter who you are with or what you are doing, Valentine’s Day will ruin your wallet. It is okay to want to get something nice for your significant other, but when it is a make or break situation you are going to go all out on the gifts and run out of money. Valentine’s Day is actually the second most expensive holiday right behind Christmas, with the average person spending about $512.00 a year. 

7: Too much chocolate adds to your waistline.

Let us not forget about how weeks after Valentine’s Day (much like Halloween) there are loads of discounted chocolates and candies left over at stores, the only part that is worse though is that weeks after Valentine’s you are still reminded of how you did not share it with anyone. Not to mention that all the chocolate you eat goes straight to your waist.

8: Sappy love songs.

Now, this might just be me, but there are always more love songs playing in February. I have noticed that radio stations are just trying to get you in the spirit by playing “Maybe I’m Amazed” (Paul McCartney) on repeat the entire month. This can either help with your relationship or help push you farther away from the love-filled holiday.

9: Excuse for businesses to make money.

Card companies and Diamond manufacturers (like De Beers) just try to butter up their customers with love commercials where the guy chases the girl down and gives her a 12 carat diamond ring, when in reality the guy could not afford that on his salary. Do not even get me started on the cheesy Hallmark movies.

10: Cupid is just creepy

Whoever came up with the idea of having a baby be the mascot for the holiday of love should really reconsider their choices. Valentine’s Day is (or was) a very religious holiday, and the mascot should be a Saint (Saint Vincent), but instead we have a very (questionable) baby shooting love arrows into those who he believes deserves them.

In conclusion, it is best to avoid Valentine’s Day altogether. If you have to, binge watch Breaking Bad or Stranger Things a couple of times. Thank you for reading, and join us next time when we discuss why Leif Erikson Day should be an official holiday.