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Photo of DJ Hill, Picture from Dj Hill Instagram

Photo of DJ Hill, Picture from Dj Hill Instagram

Photo of DJ Hill, Picture from Dj Hill Instagram

The Road to a Music Career: DJ Hill

February 9, 2017

When it comes to choosing a career, people tend to forget what they are capable of. These days, getting a job to people means doing something you don’t truly want to do, and then ending up regretting the career path people took instead of doing what they actually wanted. As a teenager so many ideas go through one’s head and goals are set high, but are they willing to put in the work to reach that goal? It’s a different story for Darren Hill, a sixteen year old junior here at Oak Hills High School, who is also known as DJ Hill.

“Music is just fun, and I love it. It is something I want to do as a career instead of just a hobbie. I think music should be something to make you happy and entertain you. My music isn’t to put people in their feelings or make them emotional,” says Dj.

Hard work and dedication is what it takes to achieve a goal, and Hill is doing just that. Between school and everyday life, Hill still manages to find time for his music making. During the week he is dedicated to getting work done for school, while the weekends are set aside for Hill to think and create music. From finding a beat to creating lyrics, the process is endless and continues to get better each time. It isn’t easy creating music, but with great passion and determination, Hill gets it done. DJ’s music is put onto Soundcloud, an online platform where millions of people place their music, also where many well known artist started their career. Hill is known as Yung Wavy  on soundcloud, and has over 100 followers.

“I like to be myself, my own person. Being the same as everyone else is lame, and I don’t follow the crowd, or trends I do my own thing,” stated Hill.

Getting out there in the music world is difficult, but Hill believes in following his own dreams and not conforming to society’s expectations. Being a individual who is going into the music world it is easy to fall off track and be like every other artist out there. It takes a lot to show who one truly is, and that is what’s unique about Hill as an artist. Hill will continue to grow as an artist along with the help of his followers, family, and producers. Hill’s commitment to music will definitely take him far in his future career.


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