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Photo of Bryce Dettorre; Photo from Bryce Dettorre's Instagram.

Photo of Bryce Dettorre; Photo from Bryce Dettorre's Instagram.

Photo of Bryce Dettorre; Photo from Bryce Dettorre's Instagram.

Speaking to Inspire: Bryce Dettorre

"Be the Message"

Everyone has a goal in life, whether it’s getting a dream job or becoming something in life. People tend to put themselves down because they listen to what others have to say, but doing so can create the mindset that they can’t succeed in life. A part of overcoming the power of not believing in one’s self is motivation. There are many motivational speakers out there, but they all start somewhere and have goals themselves.

“I hate seeing people think they can’t do anything. When I see people like that and I talk to them, and they say I can’t do that or I’ll never amount to that and just negative, negative, negative I hate seeing that. It’s not that they were born with that, it was people putting that belief in them. If I could read a book get one thing from it and have an hour conversation with them, and I say one phrase and change their whole mindset; that’s my motivation,” says Bryce Dettorre, a motivational speaker from Victorville, CA.

Bryce Dettorre, a 26-year-old motivational speaker, is known for his words and gratitude. Dettorre was born and raised in Victorville, CA and was also a graduate from the Victor Valley High School class of 2008. Dettorre was a normal high school graduate eager to find a job and attend college to obtain an associate’s degree in science. Dettorre then became involved in the field of personal training, but then decided that wasn’t the direction for him. Around the age of 22, Dettorre got into personal development, and began reading about successful people. Getting excited about all of this new information, Dettorre started telling his friends and family what he learned, leading to an opportunity to speak at Victor Valley High School. Considering this was Dettorre’s  first time speaking, it didn’t go the way he wanted it, but he received great feedback. Personal Development became something Dettorre was into, and helping people out was what he liked most. Dettore had a message, and wanted to share it.

“It’s my message, so I tie a lot into my brand. I want the message to be out there, as for the actual brand like clothes, t-shirts and that stuff that will come, but I’d rather have someone buy into the actual message,” states Dettorre.

Dettorre then created his own brand, Don’t Be Average, to share his message and what he had to say. Don’t be average is the message that Dettorre preaches, to not be like the average person. An average person thinks they can’t achieve anything, and ends up living the life that they were told to live. These days society puts the thought into people’s minds that others need to live a certain way, when in reality the people that are telling them what to do and how to live are the ones that are unsatisfied themselves. Dettorre speaks about this mostly to the young generation, and reassures them that they can take action and do what they love. With the plan of building his brand, Dettore is willing to take many opportunities speaking and building his portfolio.


“Bryce showed me that I am more than capable of achieving more things than I think, rather than listening to what society tells me. That I have to do what I want, and push for success.” ”

— states Alyssa Lopez, a Junior at Oak Hills High School

Students are being inspired by Dettorre, and taking the honest truth of what he speaks to mind. Teenagers tend to lose hope in what they want to do in life, and Dettore speaking to them is a great way to bring the hope back.

Bryce Dettorre states, “Don’t be afraid to fail. If you’re afraid to fail, if that thought comes in your mind you will pass up so many opportunities. If you learned what not to do, now you’re better in the future.”

Dettorre is very real and speaks the honest truth, which is why so many are inspired by him. In a way, he can relate to students, and has an idea of what they are going through. Being the age he is, Dettore is capable of catching the attention of the younger generation, and opening their eyes in ways many can’t.

As a person Bryce is a good friend, very loyal, hard working and very positive. You never have a conversation with him without feeling better afterwards. In terms of growth in this work, the last time I had him speak to my class was 2015.  He was good then, but he is much better now. His confidence in front of a group of people is much better, and the way he tells stories to make a larger point is far better than it was the first time around,” states Matt Smith, a history teacher at Oak Hills High School.

In the future Dettore wants to continue to speak and inspire the younger generation. With that he plans to go back to school and get his bachelor’s in psychology, and his masters to be a high school counselor. One on one with a student is what Dettore enjoys more, and sees himself doing just that. Along with helping students, he will continue to build himself with personal development. Being the message is very important to Dettorre, and with his speaking skills he can do just that and continue to inspire many.


Photo of Bryce Dettorre Speaking; Photo from Bryce Dettorre.


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