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Let’s Taco-bout Prom?

A Few Promposal Ideas

February 3, 2017

Prom is coming up quicker than you can imagine, so it’s time to begin thinking of who to take and what to wear. To lend a helping hand, below are some promposal ideas to use if you cannot think of anything or need help creating one.  It may help if the person you are asking falls in one of the following categories:


    • Volleyball: You can never go wrong with using a volleyball in your promposal. Use it as a note and write on the ball or even use them to spell out the word “PROM?”. Some puns to use include: “I’d DIG it if you went to prom with me,” or “Let’s KILL it at prom.”
    • Tennis: If you have courts at your school, use them to your advantage. Use the balls to spell the word PROM as well. Purchase some Head tennis balls and write, “Let’s HEAD to prom.” Or even purchase some grip tape to spell out  “Prom?” when wrapped around the handle of a racket.
    • Soccer: One of the most popular promposals would be using a soccer ball and making the pun, “Let’s kick it at prom.” Another cute idea would be to use the image of a goal or use an actual goal to tie in the pun, “My goal is to take you to prom.”
    • Football: Football is commonly known for their traditional jerseys, so it would be great to ask someone by customizing one. The front could include something like, “Team (name),” and the back could say “Prom?” or vice versa. If not, writing on a football or helmet is good as well, including something like, “Let’s TACKLE prom together,” or “I’d go the EXTRA YARD to take you to prom.”
    • Cross Country/ Track: Runners can never have enough shoes, so a great way to ask them would to be purchasing them some running shoes (or other gear) and including messages like: “I’m sure we’d be atTRACKtive together at prom,” “I’d RELAY be honored to take you to prom,” or “I may not be able to pole vault but I’d JUMP high with joy if you went to prom with me.”
    • Baseball/ Softball: Customizing a baseball hat or a bat with the phrase, “Prom?” would be cute. Even leaving a note in a mitt/glove or several notes on bases to make your message would be great. Phrases you can include are; “This is the biggest PITCH I’ve ever made… prom?,” or “You’d be a great CATCH with me at prom.”


  • Basketball: Include a basketball or mini basketballs that could spell out “PROM?” or include the phrase, “Let’s take a SHOT at prom,” or “We’ll have a BALL at prom together,” or “We might not TRAVEL in the game, but I want to TRAVEL with you to prom.”



  • Band/ Orchestra: Like sports, you can use your instruments when making a promposal. Organize them to spell out P-R-O-M or you can even spell it out on a music sheet. You may impress them if you make your promposal musical by either getting the help of musicians or make a tune yourself. Some phrases to use include: “It’d save me a lot of TREBLE if you went to prom with me,” or “I’m not that CLEF-er but I know we’d look SHARP together.”
  • Choir: Use the voice you have to ask that special person to prom, especially if they care about singing. It would show you put in effort if you wrote a short song. Some phrases to use would be: “You and I would make the perfect PITCH together at prom,” or “We would go prom together in perfect HARMONY.”



  • Wings: A good way to ask a food lover to prom is by incorporating their favorite meal into the promposal. A couple ideas for wings are giving them a box of wings with the inside written with “Let’s WING it to prom” or “I know I am WINGING it but will you go to prom with me?”
  • Pizza: Pizza is an all time favorite for many food lovers across the world. A cool way to use pizza is by writing in the box “I know this is CHEESY but will you go to prom with me” or “You’ve gotta PIZZA my heart. PROM?”


  • Tacos: Order a taco tray and include the phrase, “Let’s TACO-bout prom?”, or “I’d like you to be ASADA-f me at prom.” You could also purchase a taco costume and wear it.



  • Video Gamers: A creative way to ask would be to entwine their favorite video game with real life. If they like GTA (Grand Theft Auto), Battlefield, or Fallout you can make a mini shooting range with the message, “PROM?” above, and “YES” or “NO” underneath for them to shoot at.
  • TV Shows/ Movies: Some of the most romantic gestures are shown through TV shows and movies. Find out your person’s favorite and recreate a scene to make your promposal. Dress up as a doctor if their favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, or if their favorite movie was Mean Girls, then you could wear all pink and make a pun like, “It would be so FETCH if we went to prom together.”
  • Books: Try to incorporate books like how you would with movies. Find their favorite, dress up as a character, or use quotes from the books to create the message. You could also highlight words on a book page to make the message or leave notes on each page.


If the person you’re asking does not fit in one of these categories and you need help in coming up with a promposal idea, leave a comment below. Promposal season is just around the corner.

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