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Dream Jobs and Free Shops

Exploring some our students' opinions.

There are over two thousand students who attend Oak Hills High School, and although this in itself is an amazing feat, there is much more than meets the eye. What is really amazing is that each student is going to graduate and live a life completely unique to themselves. That means thousands of lives are going to be sent out into the work world to make a difference. Although it is impossible to ask each and every student what they aspire to be, below are some responses to two questions:

  1. “What is your dream job?”
  2. “If you could shop for free at one store, where would you go?”

Enjoy the interesting responses from our very own students.

Samantha Tossell
Ronke Akoh

“A musician, like a professional singer. I just really enjoy singing. I want to share music with the world,” said senior Ronke Akoh, who also said that if she could shop for free at any store, she would choose GAP.

Mr. Osterberg

“If I wasn’t this [a teacher] I would want to be a graphic designer,” said economics teacher Justin Osterberg.

“A comic book store,” he said.

“My dream job is to be a judge because I like to make decisions,” said senior Celeste McDonald.

“The 99 Cent store!” she said.

“To be a social worker because when I was younger I had a friend who was in foster care, and her foster parents used to beat her, and after a couple of months of her parents beating her, she got transferred to another foster house but I don’t know what happened to her,” said senior Alexis Barajas.

“I feel like I would pick Express jeans because they’re really comfortable,” she said.

Jackie Garcia
Celeste McDonald

Samantha Tossell
Shelly Smith

“My dream job is probably to be an author,” said senior Shelley Smith.

“I honestly don’t know because I’m not into shopping, so I guess Best Buy,” she said.

“A computer engineer,” said senior Benjamin Black.

“Costco, I guess,” said Benjamin.

“Archeology, just because I love history. I just like the study of ancient artifacts and ancient civilizations,” said freshman Isaiah White, who said he does not have a preference for shopping, but if he had to pick he would choose Barnes and Noble.

“My dream job would be a professional violinist because ever since I started in fourth grade people saw my potential and I just really love doing it,” said freshman Ethan Dominguez.

Samantha Tossell
Isaiah White

“Barnes and Noble. Knowledge is power and I love books,” he said.

Samantha Tossell
Angel Rosales

“My dream job would be a game designer. I love video games. They make me laugh, so I would like to learn: A) How they’re made and B) How to make one and get money,” said freshman Angel Rosales.

“Fry’s. It’s an electronic store. I like computers. I’m aiming to build one right now,” he said.

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