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Time Travel and Favorite Smells

Getting to know some students at Oak Hills.

January 20, 2017

There are thousands of students on campus at Oak Hills High School, which makes it impossible for anyone to know them all. But sometimes it can be nice to get to know a few of the students here. Below are some students’ responses to two question:

  1. If you could time travel, where would you go?  
  2. What’s your most favorite smell in the world?

Enjoy some of the creative responses received by students here at Oak Hills.

Samantha Tossell
Serenity Diaz

“Probably to the future so that I can see myself and if I have kids,” said senior Serenity Diaz, whose favorite smell is, “Bread, but like, the good kind of bread.”

“I would go to the 20s, the flapper era,” said senior Delaney McMahon.

“My most favorite smell in the world is rain on the beach,” she said.


“I would go to the future so I can see how I look,” said senior Kalique Vance, who enjoys, “The smell of victory.”

“Back to my childhood because it was great and my childhood was full of activities and actually doing stuff outside, not like kids today who are always on technology,” said junior Deema Nasla.

“I have this Bath & Body Works candle and it smells really amazing,” said Deema.

“Probably in like two years so I can go to college and just skip high school,” said junior Esteban Avila, who also enjoys the scent of, “Vanilla ice-cream.”

Samantha Tossell
Katrina Ortiz

“I think I would time travel to elementary, then skip like ten grades,” said junior Darin Nguyel, who also like the scent of mint.

Samantha Tossell
Raylene Gonzalez

“Back to the past, like 1910 or 1920, before the Great Depression because of the fashion, the clothes, the materialistic things like mirrors and the house and the curtains. It sounds kind of shallow, but I like it,” said senior Raylene Gonzalez.

“Chocolate, or like a really good perfume like Paris Hilton, like my mom wears sometimes,” she said of her favorite smell.

“I think I would go to the future because I know that it’ll be good,” said senior Ricardo Chavez.

“This is weird, but when my mom starts mopping, the warm water with the soap she uses, is like the best smell to me. Like when she’s mopping and I walk by and take a sniff and it smells so good to me,” said Ricardo.

Samantha Tossell
Ricardo Chavez

“1950s. I’ve always wanted to wear those little dresses and I really don’t want to be at school. I want to be a housewife. That’s all I want,” said senior Hannah Wagner, who cannot stand to eat bananas, but absolutely loves the smell of them.

“Like 4 years from now so I can be done with college,” said senior Cole Ambrosi, who also enjoys the rare smell of, “Rain, in the desert.”

Cole Ambrosi

“I think I would go back to the 70s. I like the culture, just how everyone was just kind of out there and nothing was really hidden from people. It might just be the hipster side of me that likes the Volkswagon buses and flowers in your hair. Groovy,” said senior Katrina Ortiz, who also commented that she absolutely loves the smell of her grandpa’s cologne.

“I would go to England in the 16th century. I’d like to see the black plate. I really want to see if the stories are true,” said senior Jose Villalobos, who also enjoys, “The smell of roses.”

“I could go back and see if anything was real, like if Jesus was real. If he was crucified. And if I go to the future, I’d like to see how things turn out,” said senior Allen Sandoval.

Samantha Tossell
Allen Sandoval and Jose Villalobos

“My favorite smell in the world would probably be my bed when I go to sleep because it’s just so comforting,” said Allen.

“I would go into the future so that I could see if I actually have a family or not, and if I ever die alone,” said sophomore Preston Grant.

Preston also enjoys “Baked good candles.”


Samantha Tossell
Hannah Wagner

“I would go to ancient times because I love history,” said sophomore Laura Morales.

“My favorite smell is honey,” she said.

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