Playing Ping-Pong Year-Long

Do you even pong?

Ping-Pong player holds up their prized paddle.

Ping-Pong player holds up their prized paddle.

Samantha Tossell, Editor-in-Chief

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For those who wish to get involved in school, but also want a relaxed and entertaining environment, the Ping Pong Club may be just the right place. Every week at lunch, on Wednesdays and Fridays in room D-20, a ping pong club meeting is held for those who wish to get involved and play some table tennis.

There was also a Ping Pong Club, last year, but over time it just disintegrated. Jeni Boulanger, the club’s advisor, said that this year the club’s members wanted to bring it back and find a place where they could just have fun playing ping pong. Mrs. Boulanger also jokingly mentioned that the members wanted to find somewhere to fit in.  

Because the club is still being established, certain resources, like tables and paddles, are somewhat scarce. Mrs. Boulanger said, “Right now with only one table, there’s not much opportunity to play. The games are played as ‘winner stays,’ so if you’re an experienced player, you’re more likely to to compete.” The club plans to do some fundraising in order to purchase more tables so that students have more opportunities to play, but do not let the lack of resources hold you back. Even going just to watch others compete and being surrounded by people full of energy can be fun.   


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