Second Semester Blues

Don't give up just yet!

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Projects feel like they are being thrown around in every class, you feel outnumbered and begin to lose hope. It sounds like a battle scene you learn about in history class, but it is high school, very similar, minus the swords and Napoleon being exiled to Saint Helena. While second semester is not actually the Battle of Waterloo, it is a real life battle. Struggling every morning to find the will to get ready and make sure you’re at school on time is an internal battle. You think to yourself, How many times have I missed this class… Can I miss it again? Why did I take so many AP classes? I wonder how much money I could make being a hobo…

Second semester is a rough time in the lives of both the students and teachers. The drive to work and study declines and more students are left feeling like they would rather do anything else in the world than homework. This is extremely relevant to seniors because of the ever existing, soul crushing, senioritis. Students are excited for summer and the thought of having so much time to do absolutely nothing, and not even think about math homework while enjoying vacation. However, the time between holiday vacation and summer vacation is the absolute worst.

We are not alone in this struggle of school, because teachers are struggling just as hard. They don’t want to grade these essays and projects we have to do. While you may wonder why they give you projects when they don’t want to grade them, it is because they have to.

Just because some things may not be going well does not mean you have to lose all hope, here are some tips to try to make second semester a little better.

Get out!

This dreary late winter weather is not going to make you feel any better. If there is a sunny day, make the most of it. Go grab some coffee with friends after school and listen to some of your favorite tunes. Just because it feels depressing, doesn’t mean it has to make you feel depressed.

Do your homework, seriously.

You have finished your first semester finals and everything is like a fresh start, so do your homework. You will regret not doing it at the end of the semester when you are begging your teacher to round your 38% to a 95%.

Find an after school hobby.

If you have the chance, finding something to occupy free time can be great. It can let you get your mind off of the negative aspects of high school. Even something as simple as buying paint and paper can turn you into your own Picasso.

Do not be absent.

Second semester is when everything happens. The pep rallies and dances are even more exciting. Plus everyone is getting ready for summer, and you want to be able to enjoy summer vacation without summer school. Make sure you are on time every day as much as you can so you can finish out the year strong.

The second semester can feel like a bummer, but don’t lose hope just yet, have fun and try not to put too much pressure on school.