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The decay of the innerself

The horrifying truth of teen drug and alcohol abuse

March 24, 2017

Photo of patron bottle and fake needle and insulin.

Photo taken by Crystal Lopez

Photo of patron bottle and fake needle and insulin.

Two 13-year-old boys from Salt Lake City recently died due to overdose on drugs. CBS News states the drug that they were using is called U-47700, and also known as ¨Pinky”. This toxic drug is new and has killed about 50 people nationwide in the United States, also the drug itself has a label that says “Not for human consumption”. The passing of the two young boys using drugs is just an example of how drugs can affect someone’s life. Drugs are a  major issue in our society for both adults and teenagers. Teens using drugs has always been a “thing” and has gradually gotten worse over the years. Along with drugs comes alcohol, and both take a huge toll on a teens life. When teens enter high school they graduate as an adult, and throughout the 4 years temptation and influence can take place in every teen’s life. Once they get involved with both drugs and alcohol it can take them down a negative path, and completely change their life.

Kailee De La Fuente, a Junior at Oak Hills High School states, ¨I think that they do drugs for dumb reasons. They see everyone else doing it so maybe they do it because they think it’s a way to fit in with the new generation.”

Peer pressure can change anyone’s life especially a teenager during high school.  A teenager with friends who drink or use drugs are most likely to offer a drug to them and get them involved. Many feel the need to fit in with their peers, and pressured into doing drugs. House parties also have a huge role in influencing teens. A house party is when a group of young adults get together at someone’s house, and most of these include the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Many of these house parties happen too often, and influence thousands of teens into drinking and doing drugs.

“Most illegal drugs can kill cells in the body. They also increase the chances of developing fatal Certain drugs are addicting in general. People use excess amounts and their bodies become dependent on the drugs. The withdrawal effects are also intolerable causing people to use more the drug in order to avoid withdrawals. ”

— Christina Lopez, a LVN graduate at Citrus College

Teenagers are unaware of what drugs and alcohol can do to their bodies. Alcohol can cause many defects in a person’s body for example Cirrhosis, encephalopathy, and psychosis. Alcoholism can also cause cerebral deterioration and brain cell death. Doing drugs and alcohol can affect a human’s body, and can take a toll on their bodies. As a result of doing drugs withdrawals start to occur and make people addicted.  Drug addiction is a change in the brain that leads to harmful behavior, and can also put others around people with a drug addiction in harm. Along with addiction comes overdose, drug overdose is when a person takes more than what they should eventually causing death. About 570,000 people die from drugs or end up in the hospital, and rates continue to rise every year.

Facts about teen drugs and alcohol abuse.

Shawn Yancey, Oak Hills High School’s Vice-principal of discipline states, “Teens that get involved with drugs and alcohol takes them down a negative path. It is a negative influence on their lives at a critical period of their lives when they are developing physically and emotionally. What I’ve seen is teens become dependant on drugs and alcohol, and it never gives positive results.”

High school is a time and place where students need to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. In the 4 years of being in high school it is important that students are motivated and have an idea of what career path they want to take. Drugs and alcohol can completely change that for a teen, and make them less motivated to do better. When a teen starts getting into the use of drugs their desire to get better grades fades and aren’t as focused. Also if a student is involved with drugs or alcohol and gets caught for using both illegally can get them in trouble with the law putting a bad record on themselves.

Getting into drugs at a young age can affect a person’s life forever. It can make someone very ill, and homeless. Half of the homeless population are drug and alcohol addicts. These people have lost their jobs, family, and homes. When a person is addicted it makes them want to spend all their money on alcohol or drugs, and eventually leave them with nothing. Nothing good comes out of this and it is important that teens are aware of the negative effects of drugs.

Teenagers need to be more aware, and it is possible to stop this problem. Nurses or doctors should visit high schools and talk more about it with students. This will possibly show them that it is a serious problem, and can damage their bodies slowly. Also schools should bring in drug addiction survivors, and have them tell their stories on how they lived through their addiction. Making students more aware by showing real people will open their eyes more than just telling them verbally. It takes more to stop a teen from doing drugs or drinking alcohol. People need to come together to reach out to those who are suffering addiction. It is a serious disease that people from the ages twelve through eighteen shouldn’t be dealing with at a critical time of their lives.

If a teen is currently suffering, schools encourage to go in and talk to a counselor. It is never too late to get help, and fix their life now.  At the end of the day everyone is in control of their decisions. Teenagers have the choice to say yes or no to a drug. It all depends on who influences them, and who they going to follow.  

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