That’s So Raven: It’s Back

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Ashley Flores

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"Yep! that's me."

Photo taken from Google/

Photo taken from Google/

That’s So Raven is a comedy T.V. show set in San Francisco starring Raven Symone as Raven Baxter, who is just a normal teenager, but just so happens to be able to see into the future. With her two best friends Chelsea Daniels, played by Anneliese van der Pol, and Eddie Thomas, played by Orlando Brown, who help her prevent her visions from becoming a reality.

The show originally aired on Disney Channel in 2003 and sadly ended in 2007. Many fans of the show were upset due to the incomplete finale of the series.

Earlier this month, Raven Symone announced that she will be leaving her part on the ABC talk show hit The View to continue her role of Raven Baxter. This made the media go crazy in excitement. Almost a decade later the fans will finally receive a sequel series of the beloved show.

The storyline is rumored to be about Raven as a single mother who has two children, a teenager named Nia who inherited Raven’s psychic powers and a little boy named Booker who is very sweet and innocent. We are still unaware of who will be a part of the cast because there are still casting sessions happening at the moment, but fans anticipate the return of the original cast.

Trista Brown, a freshman here at Oak Hills High School, says, “I was kind of a fan of the show, I liked some of the episodes but some I did not like as much. But I am excited for the new show I would like to see into Raven’s future, I think it is going to be a good show.” 

“I was big fan of the show, I watched it everyday after school,  I am very excited for it to come back, I am going to set my DVR to record it!” said senior Kellie Malm.

The show still has no release date, but all we know is that it will be released sometime in late 2017. So let’s all just get excited “Ya little nastys.” 

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