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Photo from Daniella Lopez

Photo from Daniella Lopez

The Women’s Empowerment Club

"Were all about confidence and bringing each other up"

[Updated February 3, 2017]

The Women’s Empowerment Club is a new club on campus this year with the goal of encouraging women and showing how truly amazing women are. For many years women have been mistreated when compared to men, and the Women’s Empowerment Club plans to change that mindset. Our society has many other issues with women who do not receive enough recognition. One in particular is the issue of competition. Competition between women as well as young girls has taken a toll on many. A majority of women feel the need to compete with others and put one another down, which can lead to many other problems. Noor Alkurdi, the president of the Women’s Empowerment Club is a senior at Oak Hills High School. Noor is from a Middle-Eastern background, and has traveled to the Middle East.

“I’ve seen the role of women in that society compared to ours and it’s oppressive. It is very obvious that they have a different role in society over there. Seeing how the women live over there, I saw it as why do I have to act like this I am not any different from my brothers.” ”

— Noor Alkurdi

Alkurdi was inspired by Schey Morton, an Oak Hills High School history and AVID teacher whose niece is in charge of a club similar to the Women’s Empowerment Club. This was Noor’s opportunity to take advantage of the idea, and create a sister club at Oak Hills High School. Alkurdi sees the difference between how women are treated in the Middle East and America. Women are looked upon as non-powerful human beings, but the Women’s Empowerment Club plans to change that. The Women’s Empowerment Club isn’t just to show how strong and recognize women are, but to lift up women as well.

Daniella Lopez, the vice president of the Women’s Empowerment Club, states, “I was raised by a single mom, and she always told me growing up to have respect for myself and never be scared to be yourself. Also I see a lot of girls putting each other down instead of encouraging each other, because it is all about competition these days. The society now put the idea in our minds that women have to compete against each other, and that it is all about looks.”

The message that the Women’s Empowerment Club is trying to put out is that women shouldn’t be intimidated by our society. Our world and how they think women should look or dress is not right, and not only does it affect women, but younger girls as well. This can make them feel that they also need to look a certain way, or dress like someone else on social media. The problem has been going on for too long and this club is the start to a change. Confidence is key to a happy life, and the Women’s Empowerment Club encourages every female on campus to join their club.

“The club aims to educate about the role women should have, and do currently have,” adds Noor.

Clubs are meant to make people come together with a common idea in mind. The Women’s Empowerment Club not only has a common idea in mind, but also reaches a goal for the greater good in the world. With recent events happening in the United States and across the globe, there are many marches and riots happening. The female race is tired of being put down and seen as an object rather than an intelligent, beautiful human being.

Women have so much power in the world but are restrained by society’s traditional ways. An empowerment is just what young women need in their lives to get them through their high school years. So if you share the same feelings and aim for the same goals do not be afraid to be pro-woman. Pro-woman does not mean anti-man, it just means the simple definition of gender equality.

Join the club, share your story, and become a part of a sisterhood.

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