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What it takes to set up Pep-Rallies

October 7, 2015

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Bulldog Spirit

pep ral·ly


  1. a meeting aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, especially one held before a sporting event.


Oak Hills High School has pep rallies every year to excite the school for upcoming sports. The next upcoming pep rally takes place Friday, November 5th, 2015.

Pep rallies are monumental events that can distinguish between any great high school, where the cheerleaders, sport teams, and crazy wild students gather. Larry Porras, the OHHS Principal, can be seen making speeches and pumping up the teams for the upcoming seasons. The cheerleaders cheer their Bulldog cheer, seeking to get people to yell at the top of their lungs; ultimately helping them have a great time. The preparation, however, is tough.

Senior Kayley Schow, Cheerleader and ASB student, revealed just how tough it is to do both jobs in a pep rally. “It’s crazy because I’m on both sides of it, like ASB and Cheer split the rally half and half and because I’m in both, I do 100% of it. I’m constantly stressed, but I love doing both it’s totally worth it.”

A pep rally can take up to six weeks to get everything in line, from buying props and prizes, to arranging the activities that will be included. All of this planning leads up to the big day.

Genevieve Johnston, ASB Vice Principal, stated, “It’s fun to recognize our athletes and see the kids compete with each other, it’s a good healthy competition for the kids.”

Pep rallies like these are fun filled and vary from other high school gatherings. Oak Hills High School has a gym large enough to hold every single student on campus, allowing everyone the ability to attend the pep rally and get involved. Oak Hills High School favors both athletics and academics greatly.

Mrs. Johnston added, “Another thing that makes us different is that the principal also does an academic shout out, not only do we feature sports, but academics as well.”

Five pep rallies in total at Oak Hills High School showcase the current season’s teams. The fall season includes football, volleyball, cross country, and girls tennis.

Senior volleyball player Sidney Brooks said, “Walking into the pep rally is really exciting because you know that all of these students are cheering for you.”

Out of these five pep rallies, only two of them are put on by ASB and the other three are coordinated by the cheer team. The cheer team helps tremendously with pep rallies and cheering up any crowd. There’s a lot of work going into cheering, acting, and games.

Mrs. Holland, the cheer coach, expressed just how tough a rally can be, “The pep rally isn’t just cheers, so usually we start working on our cheers and dances during summer and then we go to camp and learn new routines there and it takes us about a month to get pep rally ready, but we also do the skits and the games and participate in outside pep rally committee meetings.”

Once again, the next pep rally takes place on Friday, November 5th, 2015, in the gym at Oak Hills High School.

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