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Body Building Club Has Just Begun

Matthew Savage

Body Building Club Has Just Begun

Body Building Club: The New Gym on Campus

“The Bodybuilding Club is going to be a very informative and stupendous club that will feel like a home to any lifter. We’ll be learning and lifting, what more could a bodybuilder want?”- Brandon Alvarenga, Body Building Club President

October 15, 2016

Body Building Club is a new club on campus offered to men and women, boys and girls, anyone and everyone from Oak Hills High School. The club’s goal is to bring a friendly workout environment and proper health knowledge from top 10 nationally ranked bodybuilder, Mrs. Morse. Club members and people interested in being a part of the club meet in room B-15 at the beginning of lunch. For females interested, the Lady’s Bodybuilding Club meets on Tuesdays and the Men’s Bodybuilding Club meets on Wednesdays. The meetings are meant to inform students on healthy living and eating. The overall purpose of the club is to help the students later in the future once they are on their own. By the end of the year the club members should know the difference between beneficial supplements and vitamins, how to make a workout plan, living healthy, eating healthy, working out for aesthetics, and working out for strength. The weight room will be open for club members after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. The requirements to enter the weight room include being a club member and having an updated physical. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join, it is a new club on campus so come and be a part of the experience.

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