A True Champion at OHHS: Dominick Reyes

Staff member by day, fighter by night

Picture taken from Dominick Reyes twitter account.  @DomReyes

Picture taken from Dominick Reyes twitter account. @DomReyes

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Balancing school and sports is a difficult thing for students, but one man at Oak Hills High School has to balance both his job and his sport. Dominick Reyes is a Technical Support Specialist who many students have probably seen around school and in their classrooms. After working his shift at OHHS, Mr. Reyes goes to his training for MMA fighting. Dominick Reyes, “The Devastator,” is a professional MMA fighter with nine wins under his belt, four of which were won at a pro level. Mr. Reyes’ last fight was September 18, 2016 and is ranked #11 of the 75 active California Pro Light Heavyweights.

“Competition. I left college football and I wasn’t done competing. I love to compete, I love to test myself and fighting is the ultimate test of who you are and what you can do,” states Mr. Reyes.

The 6’4″ fighter is affiliated with Cage Combat Academy for his MMA fighting. Mr. Reyes was born in California and still lives in the High Desert, but went to college in New York. He attended Stony University and was in college football before moving on to MMA fighting. In college Mr. Reyes was a defensive back who made the All-Conference team twice. During his time in college he received his Bachelor of Science degree while also heading over to his brother Alex Reyes’ gym during break and training.

“Cutting weight, [and] losing twenty pounds in two and a half weeks” are some of Mr. Reyes’ toughest challenges.

Fighting is not an easy sport, and it has a lot of bumps along the road. Mr. Reyes has been fighting for three and a half years and still felt that the sport was competitive. MMA or any other type of fighting requires a dedicated workout, time manageability, and commitment after you have started.

“Make sure it’s something you want to do. Explore other avenues before committing yourself to MMA or fighting. If you do do it, make sure it’s a hundred percent because the guy you’re fighting isn’t going to take it easier on you if you’re not ready,” said Mr. Reyes.

Although Dominick Reyes is an MMA fighter, he still keeps his daily job at OHHS and is a regular guy. He manages his time working at Oak and immediately heads off to his other job. As a Technical Support Specialist he has been working at OHHS for three months and plans to stay for the majority of his time. Even though he does not know what he will be doing three years into the future, he finds Oak Hills High School students to have good heads on their shoulders and the staff to be very nice.

“Yes, I am able to discuss my MMA career with staff and students. Many students and staff actually saw me fight on September 18th, so when I arrived on campus the following day, we had a lot to talk about,” Mr. Reyes said about his fighting and the communication between staff and students. Mr. Reyes has no plans on leaving Oak Hills High School for MMA anytime soon.


Pro Fight Stats

Dominick vs Tyler Smith WIN (Round 1)
Dominick vs Kelly Gray WIN (Round 3)
Dominick vs Jesse Glass WIN (Round 1)
Dominick vs Jose Rivas Jr. WIN (Round 1)

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