Behind the Bulldog: Yvette Galvez

Spike, the Oak Hills High School Bulldog

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Behind the Bulldog: Yvette Galvez

Spike the Bulldog

Spike the Bulldog

Spike the Bulldog

Spike the Bulldog

Francys Garcia, Sports Editor/ Writer

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It’s very rare to have an actual student be our school’s mascot, so it is exciting to see senior Yvette Galvez take on the role of Spike, our beloved bulldog mascot. This is not the first time we have had one of our students be the mascot. Last year Amy Perez from class of 2016 was the bulldog for our school. 

Come take a look at what it is like to be Spike:

Did you have to audition to be the bulldog?

Y.G.: Yes, I did. I was nervous even though I was the only one to audition to be Spike.

What did they make you do at the audition and how did you feel?

Y.G.: I felt weird, it was in front of a lot of people and I had to act out skits that coach Holland told me to do and make up my own routine for the bulldog.

What made you want to be the bulldog?

Y.G.: I have a lot of school spirit, I was in red army and everything but I wanted to take my school spirit to the next level.

Do you ever get nervous while performing?

Y.G.: No, it’s weird. I can’t really see people when I’m in the costume so I’m not nervous.

How long have you wanted to be the bulldog for?

Y.G.: Since the beginning of my junior year. Sometimes I can’t even believe that I am the bulldog.

Are there any difficulties with being the bulldog?

Y.G.: Sometimes, I get dehydrated and need to drink a lot of water because it gets hot when I’m in the bulldog costume for too long.


Yvette Galvez seen on the right next to her friend Cloee Anderson