OHHS Red Army: The Red Sea

Ashley Flores, Writer/Reporter

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Oak Hills High School has a campus full of students with plenty of school spirit, but only the most dedicated will be willing to join one of the largest clubs on campus, Red Army. Red Army was started by ASB and is dedicated to spreading school spirit wherever they go! Whether it is at a school pep-rally or a Friday night home football game. These Bulldogs are always ready to cheer on their fellow peers when doing something they love!

The club was started by the members of ASB to give the athletes of OHHS the recognition they all deserve for all the hard work they put in their sport. Red Army has over 50 members and is said to get a bit  “crazy” at times, everyone must wear OHHS school colors, red and black, some even paint their faces to show they will go all out for their school.

According to Mikaylee King, a senior at OHHS, “It is a very fun club and it helped me get more involved with my school.” Many people have said that this is a very good club to join and will give you an overall amazing high school experience.

“The best part is when we all start to chant, it is one of the best feelings ever and I think everyone should join,” King also added.

If you are interested in joining the OHHS Red Army go to the ASB office and sign up, then purchase an ASB card ($35), and purchase the official red army t-shirt ($5) from the student store. Listen for official club meetings during the announcements in your 4th period class.

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