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The Sketching Sketchers

A club fit for both the artist, and the artistically challenged.

September 8, 2016

Every Friday students gather to attend the Sketchers Club here at Oak Hills High School. The Sketchers club was created and is run by Brianna Wood. Brianna is a sophomore here at OHHS and is the president of the club. Vice President Bethany Tong also helps run the club alongside Brianna. The Sketchers Club is a helpful, fun, and inspiring community of students that can come together and share their drawing ideas or skills with one another.

“The Sketchers club is about teaching others how to draw and develop their own style of drawing,” states Brianna when asked about the purpose of the club. The Sketchers Club allows anyone to draw what they want, whether it is cartoons, realistic images, or anything in between!

Brianna goes on to mention that she helps teach others how to sketch, along with Bethany. Brianna has a passion for drawing that she would love to share with others. Students who decide to join can also help with sketching and share their love of drawing.

“Well, I have been drawing my whole life, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was in seventh grade and I love drawing and I knew some of my friends like to draw, and so I decided to teach it,” Brianna said. A community where students could come in and develop their skills or even discover new talents is what Brianna intended for the club.  Any students here at OHHS who have a passion for drawing or would like to learn more about it can come to the meetings and check it out.

If you are interested in joining The Sketchers Club, come into room C-4 at lunch on Fridays. Make sure to join in soon so you can learn, share, and have fun sketching with others!

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