These Quills Have Skills!

Poets in the making

Picture taken by Yuri Cain

Picture taken by Yuri Cain

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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The students of Oak Hills High School are the platform of the school. The student’s talents, thoughts, and creative ideas can all be put into one category: clubs. There are many clubs at OHHS, but the one that stands out is the Poets and Quills club. Poets and Quills is a great club for students to express themselves through learning about older poets and creating their own poems. The adviser for the club is Dr. Scott deHart, an English teacher here at OHHS. They meet every Friday in room D-2 during lunch and the first three meetings have already taken place. It is never too late to join though!

“Anyone with an interest in reading poetry, writing poetry, or creative writing is welcome to join us. Ultimately, this club embraces students from all backgrounds and interests, it is very inclusive, that is the thing about poets … a bit eccentric, those who see the world differently,” states Dr. deHart. The club welcomes anyone and everyone, even the new freshmen who have joined our Bulldog family. No one will be judged for their poems or what poet they admire.

“The Poets and Quills Club typically will have several students volunteer to read an original poem or section of a short story they are working on. No one is expected nor forced to read their own writing, some even ask a more senior club member to read for them and remain anonymous. Students bring their lunch, talk, laugh, share their interests, and wait for a Poet to come forward. Upon completion of a poem the club snaps their fingers rather than claps,” the adviser says about the club. It is a great way to be apart of a small family and enjoy the company of others with the same interests.

“The best thing about Poets and Quills are the people. It is truly remarkable that there are so many different types of people that come to the club,” comments Bennett deHart. Bennett is the club president and was able to watch it grow from a small amount of people to what it is now. The club also has a vice president, Alex Santiago, who is a junior at OHHS.

Anyone into reading poetry, creative writing, or writing poetry can go down to room D-2 at lunch on Friday and see what the club is all about.

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