Coach Ford’s Retirement

Saying goodbye to our very own

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Coach Ford’s Retirement

Ashley Barajas, Writer/Editor

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One of Oak Hills very own, Dale Ford, Cheer Coach and English teacher, has made a very big decision to retire from coaching our cheerleading program here at Oak Hills High. Coach Ford was asked a few questions about why he has decided to retire from coaching. His response to the main reason why he is retiring was, “I only have one year of teaching left which is partly why but it is also because I need to spend more time with my family…” 

Coach Ford’s journey as a cheer coach began quite a few years ago. He explains, “I was a football coach at Hesperia High School and the cheerleaders did not have a coach. I had quite a few of these girls in my class and they would always ask if I could possibly coach them, next thing you know I was coaching cheer and football at the same time. Now, 28 years later, I am now ending my coaching career.”

“I think that next year without Coach Ford will be very different,” states Oak Hills High School junior and Stunt Leader, Colt Shultz. “Coach has always treated us really well, going the extra mile for us [like] giving us extra food, doing weights with us, and joking around.”

Ford explains, “Our main goal has always been to be first in our program and how we present ourselves,” The girls have proven the stereotypes are not true and made it known that cheerleaders are athletes. He continues with, “I am also very proud of the fact that we have good success and have made it to 5 state championships.”

Of course retiring from any job has its bittersweet moments along with all of the memories. Coach Ford states, “We are all like a very close here like a family I will definitely miss hanging out with the girls and the connection we all have with each other.” 

Colt ends with, “Coach has been great with all of us guys…next year will be fun but it won’t be nearly the same without him.”

Fords continues with, “My hope for the upcoming years for this program would be to stay strong with the new head coach (and OHHS World History teacher) Khrysta Holland, I know that she will do great things with the team and will be able to add more creativity and energy to the program.”

Coach Ford concludes, “I would also hope that the girls will never give up on themselves or even on the team and that they will always push each other to do better and give it their all no matter the circumstances.”  

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