Balloozoled: Class of 2016 pranks Principal

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There are many high school traditions high school students look forward to, and one of the main traditions that seniors in particular look forward are their senior pranks. This year a group of seniors from the Class of 2016 decided to prank our amazing principal, Mr. Porras, one last time to wish him a bon voyage as he heads off to work at the district office.

This year’s prank consisted of filling up Porras’ office with variety of colored balloons; some with nice, fun messages like, DJ Khaled’s “We appreciate you”, “Thank You”, “Have Fun”, and of course “℅ 2016”.

The mastermind behind this year’s prank is senior Frank Silva, who had the idea approved by the office a week in advance to make sure that it was safe. They were all happy to help with this prank and agreed that it would be one for the books.

“He might initially get a little irritated but he will definitely see the humor in it, so I said yes it’s fine. I think it went off really well, since there was colour everywhere,” Mr. Capps, future principal of Oak, said.

With the help of other students including: Karah Jeffers, Vanessa Vasilia, Nathan Shelton, Montana Julian, Yessica Flores, Breanna Diaz, Shannon Ehae, Tatyana Molina, and Hailey Shimek the prank was pulled off. With that much help and an air machine provided by ASB Director Genevieve Johnston, Silva was able to blow up 500 balloons over the course of three periods while Porras was at an off-campus meeting. It was definitely a team effort from everyone to make this prank happen.

“I feel accomplished and satisfied with the prank. My hands definitely hurt a lot afterwards from tying all those balloons,” Silva says, which is important because this is Porras’ last senior prank before he is off to the district, where he will be helping so many more students and schools. He was touched by the fact that the students were able to do this for him because it reminded him of how important it is to him to help students.

“It was a nice gesture. The first thing I thought was ‘Oh my God, how long did this take?’ because it seemed impossible to do in a short time,” Porras chuckled. “You can imagine my surprise. I couldn’t even come in….I got scared a bit because a couple of them began to pop as I made my way to my chair.”

He loved the prank and thought it was great, and that makes it all the better for the ℅ 2016 since Porras said that it was the “best senior prank [he’s] ever seen.”

So just a heads up to ℅ 2017: you got some shoes to fill as far as a prank goes for Capps’ initiation next year, but remember that it has to be safe and approved by the office.

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