Rad Substitutes!

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Here at Oak Hills High School, substitutes are always around and through the years you will see one sub frequently. You may even come to see the substitute as a friend or someone you can come to for advice. There are a lot of subs here at OHHS to fill in for your regular teachers. Paw Print did an article on the disrespect of substitutes that you can find on https://bulldogpawprint.com/. However, what are our school’s subs really like? Most substitutes were teachers before they started subbing but on the other hand many others had incredible jobs.

“A lot of times we don’t think about subs having these amazing jobs beforehand and I wish students would look farther back into subs. They are actually really great people with amazing lives, but of course some are just normal.”, says Candice Kiehl, a freshman here at Oak Hills High School. Most substitutes do not get the respect they deserve, but they do try to be kind and interact with students.

“I believe that most of them are retired teachers but I don’t talk to a lot of the subs.” says Ms. Martinez, a substitute here at Oak Hills High School. Although she has an advantage with knowing about substitutes and what their background is like, she still didn’t know much about the OHHS subs. Ms. Martinez was a career mentor for at risk youth before she started to substitute.

Since subs jump around so much they aren’t able to connect with the students like teachers are and the respect level is quite low. This is what mostly prevents students from finding out about our dearly beloved substitutes.

Next time you have a substitute you may want to ask them what their old job was or what kind of life they had in the earlier years. A lot of wild and crazy things can come out of asking a simple question. Do you know any substitutes who had amazing lives before they started subbing?

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