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African American Culture Club

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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There is a new club here at Oak Hills High School just waiting for new members! The African American Culture club meets on Wednesday during lunch every week. The advisor for the club is Dominique English, an English teacher, who is in room C-9. The meetings for AACC also take place in C-9.  If you haven’t noticed the signs and posters pinned all around school for AACC, then this is the article for you.

African American Culture Club is a club that is dedicated to learning the African American culture. Anyone is invited to come and explore AACC, whether they be of the heritage or if they just want to learn more about it. African American Culture Club welcomes any and all members who really want to know about the culture.

“It started of as a class assignment and she [Ms.Walls] wanted to take it outside of the classroom…”, says Ms.English, the club advisor, before letting the club president take over.

“We started it to spread different cultures, but mainly the African American culture. Almost like to spread awareness about the culture,” stated the club president. Recently, there has been a lot of commotion about black lives and people looking back into their culture. AACC is all about exploring the culture and what it is like. The club is discrimination free and allows members to join at anytime.

When asked who can join AACC, the club advisor answered with, “Anyone, any flavor, any color of the rainbow…” Often students at Oak Hills High School believe that the club is just for African American students, when in fact it is the opposite. African American Culture Club is to learn about a new culture and not hate on others for discovering new things. Different cultures is what makes AACC so cool and fun because it brings in different points of view.

“It is just a club, like a platform, where students from different cultures can come together. Even though its title is African American Culture Club most of our members are half African American and half are Hispanic or of Hispanic descent. We want to talk about our culture and they can teach us about their culture and at the same time come together and have fun.”, stated Ms.English.

Even if African American Culture Club wasn’t something that you wanted to join right away, students should go to the Wednesday club meetings in room C-9 to see what it is all about. It is a new club with a great meaning behind it. New members are always welcome to share their culture or learn about African American heritage. The more support the better!

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3 Responses to “African American Culture Club”

  1. Lakesha Dawson on May 11th, 2016 12:45 pm

    African American Culture Club is a very good idea. It is very important for people of all cultures to know and understand their cultural background. As far as African Americans, there are a lot of things that blacks had to endure and that they still have to endure. Awareness is important. It not only help individuals to identify discrepancies but it also affords the opportunity to make a difference by bringing change. Culture as a whole is very important because all cultures are important in there own unique ways. The African American culture was not the only culture that had to endure hardship on a constant basis but there are and were other cultures that endured various forms of discrimination as well. This platform is awesome in that it also affords individuals to use it as a platform to display the good of individual cultures that would not normally be recognized. GO ANGEL!!!!!!

  2. Bishop Kavin L. Campbell on May 13th, 2016 9:35 pm

    It’s dose my heart great to see that there is a club for African Americans students at Oak Hills High School. This is a positive form for them to learn their culture as well as their identity. I’m proud of Angel Walls, my cousin !!!

    I personally believe that as a young person they need to be educated on there history and not be afraid of who they are or heritage. I think once they find out that greatness lies on the inside of them, they will be able to achieve great success.

    I know there will be times when they will want to give up and walk away because of frustrations. But with outlets such as this, it allows students to air the frustrations without punishment . I encourage this to continue and if there is anything I can do as a local clergyman please contact Showers of Blessings Christian Center.

  3. Aneesha Fugate on May 18th, 2016 7:05 am

    The African American Culture Club at Oak Hills School is a FANTASTIC idea and can provide many opportunities to learn about all cultures:

    •Offer aptitude to learn how to remove cognitive barriers (such as stereotyping and prejudice) to building relationships with diverse students and people in general
    •Shape young adults coherent personal identity that includes their own culture/ethnic heritage and view themselves as individuals who respect and values differences among individuals.

    Diversity that exists among individuals creates an opportunity for positive effects such as increased achievement, creative problem solving, growth in perception and moral reasoning, improved relationships, general sophistication in interaction with others and working with a variety and ethnic backgrounds. It renews the strength of society by providing energy and creativity. Many aspects of culture including but not limited to religion, beliefs, music, dance, food etc.…are enriched and advanced by the mixture of different cultural traditions and ways to perceive the world. Students, who learn about diversity at an early age, build positive interactions with others which can last throughout their lifetime.

    Let’s join and support Angel Walls, cultivate a forum to embrace the African American Culture and educate students on the value of diversity and help prepare them for the future!

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