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Andrea Navarro

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OHHS embarrassing moments

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Everyone has embarrassing moments. When you have an embarrassing moment it makes you feel like crawling in your bed and hiding.  It’s something out of our control and it happens to the best of us and at the wrong times when you least expect it. Have you had embarrassing moments? Check these out and see if they have ever happened to you. 

Brenda Garcia, junior at OHHS said,  “ One morning I was running really late to school so I just threw some clothes on and ran out of the door. I got to school and people gave me weird looks but I just ignored them. Then lunch came and that’s when I saw my friend, she told me “What are you wearing!” , that’s when I realized I haven’t looked in the mirror. She told me my shirt was on backwards and inside out, my zipper was down , and the worse part is that no one told me until lunch.”

“ I always go on the bus to go home so last week on the bus my friend and I were messing around and I was looking out the window and she called my name. I looked and the next thing you know my face is being pounded against the window. My sister kept laughing so hard. Everyone looked but then turned around right away and of course the two people that had to keep staring were my ex boyfriend and the boy I liked.” said Destiny Ortiz, sophomore at OHHS.

Past graduate from OHHS, Amber Cordero, had an embarrassing moment in the first week of her sophomore year. “A kid tripped me in front of my whole class and I fell right on my face and had a bad nose bleed. I had to go to the nurse’s office and I went home after that. The next day everyone in that class started calling me Amber the Tripper ” .

Embarrassing moments are apart of life and apart of living and learning. Once you get over it you learn to laugh at yourself and move on. Since we all experience embarrassing moments, we remember what it feels like when we see someone going through it.  

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