How to join ASB

Do You Want to be in ASB Next Year?

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How to join ASB

Courtney Smith, Bulldog Life Editor

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You think you have your schedule for next school year all figured out, but are you missing out on an elective that you never thought you would want to be in, but would actually love? If you are unsure about one of your class choices, or maybe just want to try something different next year, you should sign up to be in ASB.

ASB stands for Associated Student Body. ¨ASB is a program designed to facilitate the monetary spending of the associated student body funds,¨ says Jennifer Calderon, one of the ASB advisors. According to her, the associated student body funds, is the money raised by the students, and spent by the students. ASB raises money, and also puts together many of the events that occur at Oak Hills High School, such as pep rallies, dances, etc. ASB  plays a very important role here at Oak Hills High School. Almost everything that happens on campus, has to go through them, so if you want to be an important person, with a big job, ASB is the place for you to be. Almost everyone knows who ASB is, and can always count on them. ¨I know that ASB will be there to help raise money, or help our school in any situation, and for that I am very thankful for them being on our sides,¨ says freshman football and baseball player, Tyler Clark.

If you want to join ASB, there are a few things that you must do. First, you should have came to the initial meeting at lunch. ¨This meeting goes over the requirements and process of getting into ASB,¨ says Ms. Calderon. If you missed it however, ¨consult with the ASB secretary or one of the advisors or students,¨ said freshman ASB student, Desarae Tasnady. After they know what they are supposed to do, students who are signing up for ASB will fill out an application. From there, the applications are reviewed, and grades are checked. An interview will also be done, and your grades will be checked. You get interviewed by the executive council. If a student passes this review, there are several things that can happen. If this student has been in ASB for one previous year, they can run for executive council.¨Executive Council oversees the entire ASB class,¨ said Ms. Calderon. They are responsible for holding ASB meetings. If you want to run for executive council, you can run for either, president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer. If you have not been in ASB for a  whole year previously, or do not want to run for executive council, or do not want to, they can apply for student council in your grade. They can run as a class officer, for any of the the same four positions. Then if that does not work, and you do not get elected, you can apply for Commissioner. Commissioner positions include, Pep Rally, Club Fair, Media, Talent Show, Homecoming etc.This position can be earned through the process of interviews. ¨This year we are changing up the process. Students will come on Friday May 6th at 3:00PM to complete various tasks,¨ tells Calderon. Based on their scores for these tasks, they will be able to join ASB. So there is a very high chance of you getting into ASB, if you do qualify.

If you want to join ASB, join because you want to be in the class, and be a part of it. ¨If anyone wants to be involved aside from Academics and Athletics they should most definitely join ASB,¨ Ms. Calderon states. Students in ASB will be involved in a variety of events on campus. In this class you will help out with, and set up different events, and also learn business, and leadership skills. ¨It takes a lot of time to put forth, and some of your weekends,¨ Desarae said. ASB is not an easy job. According to Desarae, on the day of Winter Formal, they were at school from 7:30 am until 2:00 am, due to set up, and clean up. Being in ASB requires a lot of time, and hard work. ¨ASB is important because it builds camaraderie among the ASB students, but it also helps build their individual leadership skills that can be used in the future,¨ Ms. Calderon concludes. Her favorite part of ASB however, is not these events, but the family that she gets to build with these students in her ASB class. She enjoys her time with them, more than anything else.
ASB is an elective, so if you have some room in your schedule, and it sounds like something you might want to do,  you should really consider signing up. ¨You should sign up for ASB because not only is it a great learning experience, but you meet so many amazing people along the way,¨”said Madelyn Highsmith, a freshman ASB student. Overall, ASB is a great thing to be a part of, and you will really build a family. Being a part of ASB will be a great experience.

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