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Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Club Fair is a school activity that has been going on since the first year Oak Hills High School opened. It brings together all of the clubs so they can raise money for field trips, clothing, and to bring awareness to different clubs. Clubs are able to provide food, candy, and drinks for students to buy at a price. Last year, Club Fair had a great turnout and many clubs were able to raise enough money for their cause. Club Fair will be this April on the 28th through the 29th. It was originally on April 21st and 22nd, but a food nutrition lady is visiting OHHS on the 22nd of April. Even with the push back, this year’s students are excited for what Club Fair will bring and what new foods they will have.

During Club Fair students have extra time during lunch for two days to walk around and explore the different clubs and what they are selling. Last year’s clubs sold food such as pizza, donuts, and popcorn, while others served non-edible items like roses. The list for this year’s Club Fair food will be down below. Make sure to bring a good sum of money and an appetite for Club Fair this month.

Have a look at last year’s article on Club Fair for a look back into the past.

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