Who did you prank?

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April Fools Day is not officially recognized as a holiday, but many celebrate it by pulling pranks on each other in class. Although it is known all throughout the world, no one really knows how the tradition came to be. It was established in 1632. Some pranks are classic, and some are unique. Most of them will turn out funny, but if they can’t take a joke it might not turn out well. Here are some pranks people have done.


Victoria Apodaca, a student at Hesperia High School, bought Krispy Kreme donuts because one of her teachers said they will give her extra credit if they brought her donuts. Then she took them out ,but was going to put all of them back later on ,and then replaced it with fruits and vegetables. The teacher said “Ha-Ha where are my donuts?” She gave the donuts back and received her extra credit.


Monica Martinez, an elementary teacher at Caryn Elementary school in Rancho Cucamonga had done a prank on her friends’ students. “Last year I went to my friends’ class and told the kids that I was their new teacher and he was going to another grade level. I proceeded to pass out the morning work, take attendance and teach as if it were true. I started with a pop quiz. The kids were quiet and didn’t argue the fact at all. He came back 15 minutes later and we said “April Fools!” “

Not much has happened at Oak Hills ,but last year a student put a sign on the men and women’s bathroom stalls saying out of order. They closed the doors and put a sign that said closed, but it was actually open.
In the end, April Fools Day will always continue and everyone will get pranked. Some will laugh some will cry. There’s so many silly pranks for all ages that people accomplish, from old grandmas to little baby’s. As long as the prank is harmless keep on pranking!

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