Around the Cube

Alexis Anaya, Writer

  The Rubik’s cube has been an interesting puzzle since 1974. This cube has boggled many minds in the world. It is such a popular puzzle that students from Oak Hills High School have made a Rubik’s Cube Club. Etheric Lujan, president of the club, said, “My friend David Espinoza brought a Rubik’s cube to school and we wanted to introduce more people to it.”

  People can just look at the cube and solve the cube within seconds. These students don’t just sit around playing with their cubes. They go to competitions. “One of the competitions was at Caltech,” said Lujan. They have conventions where people put the Rubik’s cube back to the way it was originally. Unfortunately, the Rubik’s kids place 70th place because they can only complete the cube in 20 seconds. “My best time is 25 seconds, but our top guy can do it in 15,” said Lujan.

   Everyone wants to know if there is any way to overcome a cube. “I look at the pattern and then I solve it,” Lujan. These Sophomores can solve any 3×3 to 7×7 Rubik’s cube, but they didn’t conquer this skill overnight. “I started around eighth grade and it took me two minutes,” said club member David Espinoza.

  The Rubik’s Cube Club meets everyday in Mr. Lam’s classroom B-4, and the students are always looking for more great, mind-solving Rubik’s cube masters.

Here’s the Rubik’s Cube link to their official website.

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