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Got a Date?

Courtney Smith, Bulldog Life Editor

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Prom, for some students, is the most magical night of their lives. With it being right around the corner, the school will naturally begin to see promposals. A promposal is an elaborate and public proposal to take somebody to a high school prom. Everyone has seen those pictures on tumblr of the guy who asks the girl he has secretly been in love with to prom. He asks in the most dramatic, adorable way, with either a huge poster and roses, or he does something using a pun of something that the person likes. A few have already proposed on campus, and one of them was posted on the Bulldog Paw Print YouTube account.

If you are a class of 2016 senior, and you want to ask someone to prom, but are not quite sure how, you can look at one of the flyers put up around campus and contact ASB for help. This has been mentioned in the announcements for the past few weeks, but so far, no one has gone to ASB asking them to help ask someone to prom. “I think we did it a little too late in the year, so everyone has already asked someone, or they already know how they are going to ask them,” says Alyssa Hon, the senior ASB student whose email is on the flyers for you to contact needing help.

She assumes that everyone is already prepared to ask someone to go to prom with them, but if you are not and you need some ideas, or a little bit of help, be sure to go to ASB or contact someone from ASB and for $3 they will help you with making a poster to ask someone, using your ideas and things that the person you want to ask likes. “This is our first year trying to do it,” she says, although in previous years, people have come to ASB just because they wanted some tips or ideas on how to ask someone.

There are so many different, creative ways to ask someone to prom. “It matters what a girl likes,” says Alyssa Hon. For example, if someone loves Starbucks, she says that the poster can say something like, “I know prom is a grande deal, and I would like it a latte, if you would go with me.” Also, many people have seen the video on Instagram, or the guy who acted out childbirth in the school hallway and told the girl, “I was born to go to prom with you.” Then there are all of those cute pictures on Tumblr or Pinterest of people asking someone to prom. One guy bought his potential prom date buffalo wings with a note inside that said, “I’ve never asked anyone to prom before, so I’m just gonna wing it.” Then there are those people who go all out and fill the person’s bedroom full of balloons, and hang a poster on their wall that says, “Will you fly up to prom with me?” or the person who put a bunch of red solo cups outside of their door with a sign that said, “Don’t let me go solo to prom.” Some promposals are very creative, while others may be more simple, but no matter how you ask someone out to prom, you are going to make them feel like the most special person ever and make them so happy.

Prom tickets are now on sale, and the dance will be held on May 7th. That means seniors have about a month to get a date and come up with a creative idea that will make the person you want to go with feel special and enjoy what could be the greatest night of their high school experience.

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