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Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Smoking has been going on for generations and people start even if they are young or old. Smoking was seen to be in style, to make the smoker cool and hip. Instead it can cause many problems and lead to addictions. However, there is always a brighter side to things. The three main types of “smoking” are regular cigarettes, vaping, and smoking marijuana.

The first regular commercial cigarettes were made in 1865 by Washington Duke on his farm in North Carolina. They did not become known by everyone until 1881 when James Bonsack invented the cigarette-making machine. According to this article by smoking the average cigarette most people are able to relieve stress and anxiety. However, on the con side of it, smoking increases your risk of a cardiovascular disease by raising blood pressure. Smoking does increase metabolism and can help lose weight quickly, but can also cause lung damage and cancer.

Vaping has become more well-known these past couple of years. More and more people are switching over from cigarettes to vaporizers.

vaping article stated that vaporizers have the benefit of lowering the distribution of smoke into the environment, eliminating the smell of tobacco that can get stuck on smokers clothes and skin, plus it provides different flavors all while being colorless so it does not stain teeth. The cons of vaping include the potential side effect of dehydration, reported but unconfirmed battery explosions, and it does not help quit smoking.

Smoking marijuana is a huge deal. No matter who or where you are, once the word ‘marijuana’ comes out of someone’s mouth, all heads turn. So what are the pros and cons of marijuana? According to a health site the pro side of things it can help control epileptic seizures, maintain people’s figure, and it helps people become more creative. On the darker side of marijuana, heavier usage of marijuana can decrease testosterone, it can cause health problems such as liver disease, and can lead to respiratory problems.

“I think that it doesn’t make you any better or any worse of a person. If you want to do it, have at it.”, says an OHHS senior. He prefers to stay anonymous for personal reasons. He, however, doesn’t mind that people may smoke marijuana or vape, smoking has no effect on him either.

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