Career and College Day

Ashley Barajas, Writer/Editor

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The Career and College Day has been somewhat of a tradition for us here at Oak Hills High School. Lucky for us, it is just around the corner. On March 18, 2016, ALL students from ALL grade levels are invited to attend this event as long as your teacher signs your class up to go. It will take place during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period.  

Diane Rodriguez, Career Center Specialist, tells us, “The main purpose of Career and College Day is to inform students of the many opportunities available for students after they graduate.” She continues with, “The goal is the more information our students can have while in high school, they will be better prepared in life.”  

This workshop is not just a way to get out of class, this is a way of getting better prepared for the real world. “Preparation is key from the first day of your freshman year to the very last day of your senior year,” states Diane. This means that you should never give less than 100% from the very first day of high school to the very last day. You should use all of the information you are being told and use it wisely.  

Be sure to ask your teacher to sign your class up if you are interested in attending this event!

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