The Royalty of Oak Hills High School

Photo taken from Google Images and edited by Kaitlynn Koppenhaver

Photo taken from Google Images and edited by Kaitlynn Koppenhaver

Ana Ascencio, Copy Editor

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Going to high school dances and prom is one of the traditions of high school. Another tradition that comes with that is voting for a king and queen. At Oak Hills High School, freshmen, sophomore, and junior students are nominated as princesses and princes, and one senior girl and boy are voted as the queen and king. It is up to the students to nominate and vote for the student court. Students don’t just have to be nominated, they can sign up for the polls if they are interested.

This year for prom seniors will nominate students for king and queen through their Chromebooks. The top 3 nominees for king and queen will be announced at prom, where students will be able to vote for who wins the crown.

When students were asked about how they thought being voted king and queen would be like they said the experience would be amazing. Student Edward Lee said, “It would feel pretty accomplishing. I really don’t care, I’m not for that kind of stuff but if I did it would be cool.” Alyssa Hon, a senior, said that being voted as prom queen would be pretty cool.

Voting for prom king and queen is a tradition even our teachers had when they were in high school. Dominique English, an English teacher at OHHS, was voted homecoming princess in her junior year. “I loved it, it was pretty cool,” said English, “Being voted prom king or queen would be exciting because it’s something you won’t forget.”

Not everyone can be a prom king or queen, but they can vote for one. Prom is an experience students cherish and being king or queen adds to the experience.

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