Getting Over it

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Getting Over it

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Here comes February 14th with a proud smirk, mocking the students of OHHS and others around the world, that they are alone for Valentine’s Day. Not everyone gets the ginormous teddy bear or the bouquet of red roses and that’s completely fine. Valentine’s Day is terrible for some of us that don’t have a loving boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t mind splurging on their significant other. It’s known as Single Awareness Day (SAD) for millions of people around the world.

Of course during this time period no one should be participating in shredding your ex’s clothes or keying someone’s car but you can enjoy music and Netflix series’. Just don’t watch tv otherwise you’ll be bombarded with Valentine’s Day commercials mentioning jewelry and stuffed animals. Some advertisers just do not get it! Not the entire human race has someone to cuddle up with and have pillow fights that turn into actual fights.

There are plenty of Netflix shows to occupy your time on the dreaded day. Junk food is also a good substitute to have instead of a lover, maybe not as human like but all the same either way. Not everyone needs a companion to have a good time on Valentine’s Day, matter of fact you can completely skip the day. Treat it as if it were not a celebrated holiday all over the country.

Friends are also a good way to keep you from being down on Valentine’s Day. Invite a couple of your friends over, not the one’s who obsess over their boyfriends/girlfriends though, and have fun with each other. Valentine’s Day is about love and not all love is romantic it can also be a friendship. You can skip the cliche love story and bounce right into pizza and watching movies or playing video games. Sure you might not have the best candle light dinner but phone brightness with chips is pretty close.

Being alone for Valentine’s Day isn’t all that bad. Buy something for yourself whether it be a shopping trip to the mall, browsing through the video game section, or food of course. Cheer yourself up in a positive go getter type of way, don’t stand around for some magical character to come riding on a unicorn carrying everything you ever wanted to buy. Be that magical character!

No one said getting over V-Day was going to be easy but with the right spirit, you won’t be thinking about it until next year when the process starts all over again. Until then you can sit back and watch as millions of girls get their heart broken by their boyfriends who forgot their V-Day present.

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