Is Dance a Sport?

Photo taken from Google Images and edited by Kaitlynn Koppenhaver

Photo taken from Google Images and edited by Kaitlynn Koppenhaver

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Sport: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

There is a constant debate between physical activities. What is a sport and what is not? One of the main arguments besides cheerleading being a sport is dance. Dance has aspects of physical fitness, skills, and fun. Dance requires physical and mental strength and ability.

In dance they have hardcore training that focuses on their abs and balance. Just like other sports, dance requires lots of training and flexibility. Most days dancers stretch almost the entire time as a warm up. Their flexibility plays a key part in their training and in the activity itself. Dance is also way to relieve stress and release all of your emotions. Many dancers use dance as a way to get away from things that stress them out.

In dance they must go over their routines over and over again. The training is the routine itself, just like how football players do drills for the game. In dance people have to memorize the choreography in their head and be able to apply it in a smooth manner. They also need to work as a team otherwise the final “masterpiece” won’t look good.

Dancers are mostly compared to ice skaters and rhythmic gymnasts. They are considered a sport and are allowed to compete in the Olympics but dance is not. A lot of the dance community considers ice skating to be dance but on ice. If ice skating is seen as an Olympic sport and worthy of the title then why isn’t dance? Rhythmic gymnastics is also close in ability to dance, and it is seen as a very serious and competitive sport.

On the other hand, an anonymous source says, “I don’t feel like dance is a sport, maybe a hobby or an art but not a sport. Dance isn’t as physically challenging as say football but it’s nice to see, like entertainment wise.”

Football, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball, track, swimming, and so on. All of these things require physical fitness and agility. To compete, athletes must have a positive mind and train for hours a week. Sports like these need teamwork and good sportsmanship. Doesn’t dance require the same thing?

With these constant different opinions and views on what dance is there may never be an agreement. Dance still has a long way to go to prove itself to the non-fans community and sports crazed society. Even with the technique and the injuries that comes with it dance may never evolve into a thought of sport. Or maybe it will.


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