Which Degree Is For You?

This Could Decide Your Future

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Possibly the most challenging obstacle in your life is making a decision. In a position like going to college it can be very problematic and one wrong decision could decide your future but some colleges do allow you to change your major and take General Study classes. Now deciding whether or not to pick a Bachelor, Master, or a Doctorate degree can be confusing.

“[For deciding majors]The University application will list which majors they offer and you decide which major you would like.  If you are unsure of a major, you will have the option of choosing “undeclared or undecided”, if you choose one of those options you will take the General Education classes until you choose a major and normally you will need to choose a major after your sophomore year,” stated Janice Jones, Enrollment Management Assistant, at University of California, Riverside.  

For example, Jones refers to Joey Frakes who studied at a General Education level and never fully completed his degree and Jones explains that Frakes now work(s) for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Defense Contractor and operates robotics for a living. He obviously has a lot of talent in that field and was fortunate to be able to take other classes to further increase his knowledge at his current job.  

Ms. Jones also stated that if you are in high school and you know what you want to study in college you can take classes at a community college or at a university that will count toward your college major.  You may even go to a technical high school that prepares you for your college major.

Janice Jones of UC Riverside also mentioned when asked, how long would it take to complete a Master, Bachelor and/or PhD degree, “…it takes many students 5 years from start to finish for their Bachelor.  A Master Degree can be two years or 3 years[to complete] and a PhD or Ed.D[Education Doctorate] program can take as many as 4 years.” This also depends on some factors like how many hours your classes would be and how many days a week you would go.

The Doctorate degree sounds the hardest and the most worked for to get. It comes with a reason because when you get a PhD you are looking at years of research and dedication to the subject and to know enough to teach it to others.

Janice Jones also mentioned that it would be very beneficial if high school students start thinking about college now and attend college fairs for more information. For more guidance on college you can visit this website Big Future By The College Board. As well as another website called Start Class that helps you compare colleges with just a few clicks.

For more information, visit the Oak Hills High School Career Center and discuss your plans with Diane Rodriguez, Career Center Specialist.

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