Leaving The Holidays Behind

Photo taken from themuseatdreyfoos.com

Photo taken from themuseatdreyfoos.com

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Farewell to spooky masks and tons of candy, the crowded rooms filled with cousins that have names you don’t remember and Thanksgiving leftovers that are still stuck in tupperware. Goodbye to the sparkly Christmas decorations that took you so long to put up and the New Year’s party that promised to make 2016 a better year for you.

Throwing away our fake cobwebs and green slim is enough to make someone cry. No longer is scaring little children acceptable or running up to people’s houses and pulling pranks. You cannot get candy by the boatload for free and your crazy neighbor isn’t screaming at you anymore or maybe he still is. The creepy smiles have faded away and so has the haunted house on every block. You are no longer trying to be creative and carve pumpkins only to fail miserably at it. You aren’t thinking about what you can be for Halloween the night before only to end up being a cat. Sadly, the October of 2015 has disappeared from our hands.

Your distant family members have finally been thrown out of the house after taking over your house. The cousins whose names you just cannot seem to remember have left your room but not before knocking down every single valuable thing you own. Those aunts who need to know the limits of personal space and that kisses don’t need to be thrown out like Opera, have said their last goodbyes and left a slobbery kiss on your cheek. The Thanksgiving leftovers are no longer hoarding your fridge and you can get the taste of turkey and mashed potatoes out of your mouth.

The Christmas decorations that you worked so hard on, day after day, have to come down and be put back in the dusty old attic. Santa Claus is just a myth all over again and the Elf On The Shelf has been thrown back in a box. No more presents and all the new toys are becoming old and boring. All of those amazing dinners and desserts are gone and you’re back to eating Ramen Noodles.

The New Year’s party is gone in the wind. All the confetti is in the trash and the rush of a New Year has left your body. The friends have gone home and your bones are now worn out. No more watching the ball drop on TV or watching concerts from your living room. The blaring music has faded into the distance and you are once again alone, cuddled up with your pet, watching Netflix.

Yes, leaving all of those things behind is sad but I believe in you. You can get over it and be able to put away all your festive decorations. There are more things to come and 2016 will be a great. I know you’re crying under your covers but hey at least you have Valentine’s Day.  


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