Midterm Graduating Seniors

Hard work and dedication

Ashley Barajas, Writer/Editor

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Some students here at Oak Hills High School may wonder how or why some Seniors get the privilege to graduate early.

The 12th grade school counselor, Mrs. Evelia Dang had a few comments regarding this subject.

One thing that students would need to do is take summer classes. As Mrs. Dang explains, “A lot of summer school is required in order to be a midterm graduate as well as passing all the classes you take.” One specific class Mrs. Dang suggests that most early graduates take over summer and pass would be English 4 second semester. 

Bayilee Mahon, a recent Oak Hills High School early graduate, also shed some light on this subject, “In order for anyone to graduate early you would have to take a lot of summer school specifically English 2 second semester and a semester of Economics.” Bayilee continues, “There is really no reason for me wanting to graduate early beside the fact that you would get to start college faster than most and preparing for what you would like to do later in life.”

Another question Mrs. Dang was asked was, “Why is it that some seniors would like to graduate early?” her response to this was, “Some early graduates would like to start college early, others would like to get a job and save up their money for college of on the other hand have a job and go to college.” She also added that, “The midterm graduates do still get to go to prom and do all the fun things regular senior graduates get to do.”

The reason I wanted to graduate early was to get a head start on my life choices, it is better to have your started plan than to wait on it and possibly give up on it along the way. With the help of my counselor I was able to do that.” explains Krishionna Vance, an Oak Hills High School early graduate senior.

Krishionna continues with,Taking the opportunity to finish high school early and apply for college is a good thing to colleges because they want a student who is determined or “A go getter,” as Krishionna says. “If you graduate early you have to do something outstanding while you are out like studying abroad, taking colleges courses, joining the military, being an intern. Not just sitting around partying.”

The option to graduate early is available to high school seniors, but not without proper planning and the understanding that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. For more information, students can contact their high school counselor.

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