California State University vs. University of California

Do you know the difference between a California State University and a University of California college?

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California State University vs. University of California

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Do you know the difference between a California State University and a University of California college? Do you know the application process? Diane Rodriguez, the Career Center Specialist and Interact Club Advisor, was asked what is the difference between CSU (California State Universities) and UC (University of California) applications? She replied saying, “The difference between the Cal State and UC applications is the UC requires a personal statement, students must answer an essay question…Cal State does not. Both applications are due November 30, 2015 for seniors to attend in Fall 2016.” As you know UC colleges require a personal statement, that should be written in advance. Usually college applications require a fee as well.

Janice Jones, Enrollment Management Assistant from the University of California, Riverside suggests,

“Prior to applying to any college make sure that you gather all of the needed information. Transcripts, SAT/ACT, parent’s annual income, Social Security number or ITIN, an email address (and stick with it) that you will use specifically for all college, financial aid, and scholarship communication.”

This works for both UC and Cal State colleges. You will only need one application for all UC campuses but you will need a different application for all CSU campuses. As far as email goes, you will need to create an email that is regarded for college purposes only and needs to be accessible in case of a college tries to contact you.  

“You will also want to have all activities and awards or honors that you have received outside of school that you may want to highlight for your application for admission,” commented Jones.

“Though both are public university systems, they differ in many ways,” according to the Campus Explorer article CSU vs. UC: What’s Right For You. There is a list in the link that lists all the CSU and UC colleges in California and a link to each college website for further information.

“The UC has larger class lecture sizes sometimes 520 students per class with teaching assistants (graduate students) teaching some classes ,” commented Jones, she also stated that, “The CSU offers smaller class sizes of normally less than 50 students per class with the professor teaching the class.”

By reason of there is no personal statement and around $10,000 cheaper, depending the subject of study, a CSU makes it easier for people to attend. It is around $10,000 more expensive for a someone who lives out of state to attend a UC or CSU college or vice-a-versa. UC colleges are generally more expensive. “The CSU system is meant to provide accessibility for all California residents,” stated Jones. 

“UC and the CSU system provides practical and non-research oriented careers, such as teachers,” Answered Jones. Each college campus has an area of expertise in which they educate their students. For instance University of California Berkeley has the best programs for Architecture, History, and Astronomical studies. “Some of the campuses have a semester system, and some have a quarter system,” Jones added.

All campuses have different academic studies and fees. It is important for high school graduates going into college to look into different colleges and find one that fits your academic goals. 

“My suggestion to all students is plan ahead, if possible visit campuses and remember to visit the application website for each system,” suggested Jones.

For juniors and seniors, you have to start thinking about colleges now before it gets too late.  Remember, Scholarships are always good to have. For more information on out of state colleges talk to the wonderful Diane Rodriguez, also known as “D-Rod”, for more information in the front office of the Career Center.  

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