Attached here is a photo of the restaurant,

Attached here is a photo of the restaurant, "Thai Lotus" located here in the high desert. Although it is a hole in the wall place, it is very delicious.

5 places to eat here in the High Desert

May 14, 2020

5 Places to eat

Eating during quarantine has allowed many people to step out of their comfort zone to try new foods. Many foods that people wouldn’t look twice at are finding that they’re quite tasteful. For example, someone who may not care for seafood has enjoyed sushi or someone who may not care for vegetables has found to enjoy spinach artichoke dip.  Here are a few options for local restaurants that would be great to order from during quarantine. would be Thai Lotus, La Bufadora Baja Grill, Fratellis Pizza, Corner Cafe, and House of Joy restaurant. 

1. Thai Lotus

Thai Lotus is a great hole in the wall place to order from during this quarantine. They serve a variety of Thai food like fried rice, noodles, different types of satay, curry, etc. This

restaurant is definitely recommended if you would like to step out of your eating comfort zone and try new things. While it is very tasteful and flavorful, they deliver their food with care and very fast. The service is great and it is a great restaurant to be only located in the Hi-desert. A great meal that I would recommend off of the menu would be chicken or vegetable curry. As a person who is not a big fan of vegetables, it was very good and I would most definitely recommend end it to anyone. As for the chicken curry, that was also very delicious. It had the right amount of flavor in every bite and you can tell that it was made with love. 

Attached here is one of the famous meals at Thai Lotus. This is a lobster bomb and it has been reviewed by many and everyone says that it is a 10/10 meal.

2. La Bufadora Baja Grill

La Bufadora Baja Grill is also a wonderful restaurant to order from during this pandemic we are currently undergoing. Being that this place is a Mexican food based restaurant, they give out plenty of delicious Mexican dishes to eat. For example, they have tacos, wet burritos, regular burritos, enchiladas, carne asada fries, etc. You name the Mexican dish and La Bufadora has it. They also deliver very fast and make their food with love and care. A meal off of the menu that I recommend would most definitely be the wet burrito. This burrito is so delicious and is made with just enough sauce and meat that it tends to melt right into your mouth. La Bufadora would no doubt get a 10/10 from me and the reviews on the restaurant agree with me completely. 

Here is a photo of the delicious tacos that La Bufadora has. These also have been recommended and been given a 10/10


3. Fratelli’s Pizza

Fratelli’s Pizza is next up on the list for a hole in wall places to eat during this quarantine. Although it is not a place to eat when you’re trying to get out of your comfort zone, this pizza place is so tasty that you forget about big pizza places such as Little Caesars or Dominos. While they have a wide range of opportunities for pizzas, they also have salads, bread, wings, spaghetti, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, etc. Because of this, your options aren’t only pizza like they would be at other pizza spots. Not only are they known for their delicious pizza, but their sides are also very delicious. Fratelli’s Pizza is a good restaurant all around. A tasteful item off of the menu that I would recommend would be the Supreme Pizza just because it has so many toppings on it and tastes like it’s made with so much love. They put just the right amount of each topping on the pizza and put it in the oven for just the right amount. The cheese melts into your mouth with no problem at all and the crust is seasoned with the right amount of seasonings. Although this is a hole in the wall place, they deserve so much more recognition for the way their food is cooked. 

Attached here is a photo of a very tasty pizza made by Fratellis Pizza. They have so many different varieties but this is one of the most recommend

4. House of Joy 

House of joy has been serving our community for more than two decades now. The restaurant is family-owned and operated since 1984. Although it is a hole in the wall place, they have “provide our patrons with great tasting food and courteous service for many years.” They serve 

Chinese food such as noodles, won ton soup, fried rice, different types of meat, egg rolls, etc. This place is also different if you aren’t really into trying new foods. It will definitely help you step out of your comfort zone. An item that I would recommend off the menu would be their fried rice. I would recommend that because it is so good that you wouldn’t even guess that it’s from a hole in the wall type place. Their service is great and they deliver and handle the food with care. House of Joy is most definitely a top ten place to eat here in the Hi-Desert.

This is a very delicious meal made by the restaurant located here in the high desert, House of Joy. Their reviews have been outstanding and I would recommend anyone to come here.

5. The Corner Cafe

The Corner Cafe is a healthy neighborhood bakery restaurant located in Victorville, Ca. This restaurant has fabulous sandwiches on delicious bread with side options of salad or soup.  They started their bakery in downtown Chicago and it slowly grew and spread all throughout California. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options all through the day. Not only do they have sandwiches but they also have wraps, panini, chili, and handcrafted pasta. The meal that I would recommend off of the menu would be the Bacon, Avocado, and Egg bowl. It is so delicious and is served as one of their breakfast items. Although the Corner Cafe is not very known, the food is delicious and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Anyah Hyder enjoys writing, reading, singing, and playing sports. She is currently on both the basketball and track team here at Oak Hills High School. 


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