Psychological Impact Of Being in Quarantine

People with mental illnesses, even before isolation, have to be very careful due to being more at risk.

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We are all going through quarantine and isolation together but have you notice anything a bit off with yourself lately? Such as sadness, the unexplained mood changed, and depression? During this pandemic, we are all forced indoors to prevent infection and spread of the Covid-19 virus but what does this do to our brains? Humans are very social creatures. We thrive on the occasional social interactions, and according to Business Insider not only do humans need social interaction to thrive, but we also need it to survive. As the article states, “That’s why depriving yourself of social connections, even temporarily, doesn’t feel good: Your body is trying to tell you to mingle so that, long-term, you stay alive.”

Have you noticed any crazy media posts? Or maybe you are thinking about doing something crazy you would never do before? This may be due to the extreme boredom of staying inside the home or it could be an impairment in your thinking due to the isolation. Isolation can do strange things to the brain that can lead to depression or give you anxiety. Not only can isolation give you these mental illnesses but it can give you extreme loneliness. Neurobiologist Huda Akil of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor explained, “There is no question that [isolation] is changing the basic architecture of the brain,” Akil says. The isolation has an impact on mental health.

People with mental illnesses, even before isolation, have to be very careful due to being more at risk. Their mental health can get worse for them.

I can personally say I have depression and during this time it has gotten way worse now having new and long panic attacks. Not only is my depression impacted but so is my decision making. I constantly question my decisions at least 10 times before I make a decision since I’m constantly in my head during this time.

In my opinion, schools have not taken this issue seriously. The students are assigned more work just because they are at home supposedly doing nothing. It is not helping at all and by piling kids with work, when kids are already under dangerous conditions with the virus and all the mental conditions they could now get from this isolation, I believe the school workload is actually making things worse.

Extreme isolation such as being stuck at home alone without anyone or thing to interact with can be very dangerous for your health. you could experience a variety of symptoms such as hallucinations, problems with processing information, and unable to handle stressful situations. The quarantine can also have long term effects such as PTSD, cardiovascular disease, and increased inflammation.

During this quarantine try to surround yourself with family if you live with them. Distract yourself try meditation, yoga, working out, and just focusing on your mental health.

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