Standing On Stage

A drama student's point of view

OHHS drama student, Madison Wilkens, tells readers what goes on in her mind when she is on the stage.

I’m standing outside doors, fear and excitement fill my body as I’m getting ready to perform. I noticed that it has started to rain. It was calming to watch and listen too. I think it’s a cool sentiment towards our show. We are supposed to be telling the stories of sirens after all. It’s like we are the incoming storm.

I’m snapped back into reality when the doors open and we walk onto the floor as usual. We’re wished luck on our way in. We wait for the guard before us to get off the floor, then we begin to set up.

This is normally the most stressful part for me, but once I’m out performing, the fear and excitement turns into determination and energy. I do my best to portray the sirens [sic] and their story through my facial expressions, […], and work. I do my best to keep every toss, dance move, extension, flag work, movement, and breath as swift […] as I can. By the time I’m done performing, I’m out of breath and it almost hurts to breathe. But the cold moist rain […] mixed with breathing exercises we’re doing as a group calmed me quickly as we begin the walk back to the buses.

The recent closure of schools have forced many events to be cancelled or postponed. 

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