Dessert Night at Oak Hills High School: “Be Our Guest”

Information on the annual Oak Hills High School Choir Performance, Dessert Night.


Valerie Miranda

Dessert Night, "Be Our Guest" program cover

Dessert Night, the annual Choir Concert and fundraiser, recently took place at 7 pm on Tuesday, in the PAC here at Oak Hills High School. Where Shane Sherrodd’s choir students treated the audience to dessert and a wonderful performance, featuring classic Disney songs, such as “Part of your World” from The Little Mermaid and “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin.

The title of the concert was “Be Our Guest”, and included performances, from the Oak Hills High School Choir, Pianists, Soloists, a vocal ensemble, and a duet.

Parent, Angela Mendoza shared that her favorite part of the concert was the very beginning. Where the choir blended various Disney songs and performed them as one (Disney Dazzle).

Anyah Hyder
In this photo, a parent volunteer and choir student, Nikolas Mendoza are preparing desserts for Oak Hills High School’s 2020 dessert night.

The dessert menu offered the choices of chocolate cake, white cake, new york-style cheesecake, and vanilla ice cream.

Soloist Hannah Oakes, a Sophomore here at Oak Hills, performed “Two Stars” from Camp Rock. Oakes mentioned that she had already memorized “Two Stars” prior to the preparation for the concert and commented: “it is my childhood song–the topic is inspirational and personal to me”.

Anyah Hyder
Mr. Sherrodd is introducing the Oak Hills High School Choir as they prepare to preform at their very first dessert night. All songs sang by the choir were Disney themed.

Shane Sherrodd the choir teacher and director for the concert, mentioned they began to prepare for the performance right after winter break. Sherrodd enjoyed watching his students perform and stated, “its neat to see them start to get that experience on stage.”

For further information on Dessert Night contact Shane Sherrodd at [email protected]






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