A Student with a Parent Working at OHHS

An inside look at what it’s like to have a parent working at OHHS


Mrs. Crawford (Middle) and Henry (Second from left) are pictured in a family photo at Knott's Berry Farm.

     Michele Crawford is one of the awesome office ladies at Oak Hills High School. She has been working here for almost a year now but has been volunteering for years. She loves the atmosphere and the people on campus, Crawford has two kids. She has a daughter, Bonnie Crawford, who played tennis at OHHS, and already graduated. She also has a son, Henry Crawford, who is currently in 11th grade at OHHS, who does drama. Crawford has always been involved and interested in the lives of her children. 

Henry Crawford likes the fact that his mom works on campus.

He says, “It’s good to know that whenever I have a problem, I can always go to her. She is always there for me”.

Henry states that his favorite part about his mom working on campus is that she is always there for him and his friends. He says that he doesn’t really see his mom too often during the school days, so having his mom on campus doesn’t make him feel much different from every other student. His least favorite part of having his mom on campus is the fact that his friends are always talking about her. Although Crawford working at Oak Hills doesn’t impact Henry too much, he is glad that he can always go to her, no matter what. 

Crawford really enjoys working at Oak Hills, and being around her son.

She states, “I am so happy to be able to see his drama work more closely, and I am so proud of him”.

She feels as though she is closer to her son, and gets to see more of what he is passionate about. Even though she volunteered for many years, she feels even closer to Henry now that she works on campus. Her favorite part about working at the school that Henry attends is that she feels a deeper connection with him, and she feels so much closer to him. Although she feels very close to Henry, she also tries to not embarrass him too much.

She says, “I try not to bother him too much, I want him to feel like a regular student too”.

While Mrs. Crawford will always be there for Henry, she also wants him to just feel like a regular kid. 

For more questions on Mrs. Crawford or Henry, visit the office at OHHS, or email Mrs. Crawford at [email protected]


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