Seniors Share Their Experience and Views on Senioritis

Students give their thoughts on Senioritis, share what keeps them motivated, and give advice to future Seniors.


Valerie Miranda

Senior, Dante Brown sleeping in class

Senioritis, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the decline in motivation and effort by High School upperclassmen. This is apparent through tardiness, absence, decreased participation in class and productivity. Some of the symptoms of Senioritis include sleeping in class, and homework fatigue (Symptoms and Treatments for Senioritis). It can be seen online that many people question whether Senioritis is a real problem teenagers face or just an excuse for laziness. 

Senior Jacqueline Bustos commented, “This is our last year in high school, and you just get lazy and don’t want to do anything”.

Many Seniors feel accomplished and have nearly all of their credits needed to graduate. In some cases, Oak Hills High School Seniors, only need their English and Government/Economics credits to graduate. Bustos commented that because the majority of her classes are electives, she lacks motivation and sees no purpose in taking them.

Valerie Miranda
Junior, Tristan Rizardo looking off into the distance

Senioritis is not merely an excuse for laziness but rather a fragment of the issue. Many students consider high school to be some of the best years of their lives, but for others, high school is something they cannot wait to be done with. So, when Senioritis enters the conversation, it can be understood that these students may lack motivation towards school, but in a sense are ready to graduate and move on to the next chapter in their lives. 

Seniors, Jacqueline Bustos and Dante Brown shared that checking their grades motivates them to do well in school.

Dante commented, “If I see my grades drop, it motivates me to come to school instead of just staying home”.

Bustos and Brown advise future Seniors to simply stay on track and complete their school work. 

Nikolas Mendoza, a Senior here at Oak Hills Highschool, Recommends students to take classes over the summer which will give them the opportunity to have a late arrival or early dismissal.

Mendoza states “it just makes Senior year so much better and so much more fun and less stressful”. 

If you are interested in attending summer school, contact your counselor for further information. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on Senioritis by commenting below!


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