Billie Eilish and Her Controversial Comments on Rap Music


Billie Eilish is seen here at the ACL music festival. She performed some of her biggest hits and gained more of a fandom.

On February 3rd, 2020, singer and song-writer, Billie Eilish, was being interviewed for Vogue magazine, (which she was recently the cover of) and made a comment that made thousands of fans all over the world angry.

The comment that she made stated that rap music these days is not “genuine and authentic” like it used to be. She also claims that even people nowadays who rap, are rapping about things that they have claimed to have been through even though they have not.

Many people thought she was just sharing nonsense but in the result of people feeling this way, Eilish clapped back and said that it was very truthful because the people that she knows who rap, rap about things they have nothing to do with.

Fans and people around the world quickly took this to social media and began to bash her. Plenty of people say that because Eilish is not a rapper, she does not have the room to give her opinion on the people who actually do rap.

An unknown Twitter critic responded to the situation by saying, “Billie Eilish is a cornball for targeting rap as a genre of lying as if that isn’t applicable to pop or alt-rock or country. People ALWAYS do this to rap music, single it out as the main genre with any given issue they have. Ridiculous”.

Although this is very harsh, this person is not the only person to respond like this.

Another viewing of this story is that Eilish sings about things that your average 18-year-old girl has not been through. For example in her song Bad Guy, which she wrote with her brother Finneas, she says, “My friends aren’t far, In the back of my car, Lay their bodies”, which in other words says that she has dead bodies in the back of her car.

We all know that this is not true so if Eilish has a problem with rappers rapping about false things that they go to or have gone through, what makes it okay that Eilish herself does it?

Another Twitter activist named Ferrari Sheppard also added, “Billie Eilish will win even harder now that she’s taken a colonial approach to hip hop. Would you prefer rap stories to be 100% nonfiction, so

This photo is Billie Eilish sharing her inspiration and ideas for her song “Bad Guy” for Billboard

we can produce more dead or incarcerated rap stars? STFU and stay in your lane”, which is true.

If rappers only rapped about the things that they have actually been through, people would not listen or be nearly as much interested in it as much as they are not. However, the same thing also goes for Billie. If she only wrote her music about things that an average teenager has gone through, people would not listen to it as much as they do now.

This means that she would not be the “upcoming legend” that people say she is and her music would not get played as much.

In the end, everyone in the music industry is going to be bashed for whatever they say, whether it is good or bad. People around the world always find something bad about artists or people in the industry in general so whether they keep their opinion to themselves or state it, it does not matter. People may not agree with what they have to say, but at the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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