A Short Story: Fight Back

Flash fiction


this is a picture I drew for my story Fight Back. It is a picture of a chain breaking, a ball chain, and half of the face of a girl with black hair and red eyes.

I sat up in my bed and squinted at the blinding light shining in my face. Day three hundred and nineteen, I’m never going to get out of this hell hole. I looked down at the chains around my wrists and legs. My arms and legs have bruises from trying to get free. Someone came into the cell room.

“Well, looks like the new settings are just enough to keep you in, aren’t they? See? Even demon people can’t outsmart the Council of Guards.” The creature walked up to me and stopped inches in front of me. Her pointed yellow teeth dripping with saliva. And her giant eye examining my mangled body. “You are nothing, and we can easily get all of the information we need out of you…you will never see the light of day again.”
With that, she turned and left the cell chamber. But it was too soon for me to breathe a sigh of relief. Because as soon as she left, the rage bot rolled in. I looked at the window in front of me and saw that evil alien staring at me with a smirk on her face. Behind the rage bot, the hover drone flew in with the camera… “Let the fun begin, Touka Darksword. You will feel the wrath of the Council of Guards, and you will wish you were never born,” said the alien with a smirk. The rage bot raised its right hand, which held his chainsaw dipped in holy water. “You monsters should have never been created. You are all just slimy monsters that slither along the floor. And the COG will never stop until every single one of your race is dead.” The alien smiled, obviously satisfied with what it had just said.

A drop of holy water fell off of the sword and landed on my leg, making a sizzling sound. I winced as my leg began to burn. The light on the camera and the hover drone turned on, glowing red. The rage bot smiled as it started moving towards me. I saw the alien, who is the head of the council, smiling from behind the mirror. I felt my body begin to tense up.

No, I can’t let them do this to me anymore… I have to fight back. I must survive!!! I can’t let the aliens overpower the demon race. And I can’t lose to a giant piece of scrap metal either. I began to think about my family. I was snapped back into reality when I felt a terrible burning sensation above my right hip. I looked down and saw the chainsaw lodged deep into my side. I winced as the rage bot turned the setting higher. I saw my black blood splatter all over the floor and walls.

I can’t do this anymore. I have nothing left in me, I am being overpowered. I began to lose hope. I looked at the creature behind the window. Her hideous smile was dripping with yellow saliva. NO, I can’t give them the satisfaction they want!!! I will not let them accomplish their goals. I have to fight back!!! The rage bot must have known what I was thinking because he tightened the shackles around my wrists and legs. I looked up at him, and I felt my pupils reduce into slits. My face and hands get numb as the anger inside me began to increase.

I clenched my fist and started gathering up my strength. I couldn’t just sit here and let the bastards have their way. I need to do what it takes to get free, and finally have my life back. I have been here for three hundred and nineteen days, and I still haven’t escaped. Why is it so hard for me to fight? I don’t understand why I didn’t break out of here the same day I was captured. How did they even catch me? Everything was a blur, and I can’t remember anything right.

“I hope you are enjoying your time here… But your ride is coming to an end. I hope you are enjoying your final moments of life. We, aliens, have been studying the demon race for a long, long time. And we know all of your weaknesses.”
That was the final straw for me. I gathered up all of my strength and broke the chains that were around my wrists and ankles. The rage bot made a quick swipe at me with the chainsaw, but I dodged it and broke off its head. The hover drone was making a run for it, but I couldn’t let it get away. I gripped the rage bots smashed head, and aimed at the hover drone. Then, with incredible speed and force, I threw the head at the drone. The drone exploded in a huge burst of flames.

I saw the alien in the next room begin to panic. She tried making a run for the door, but I beat her to it. When she opened the door, I was standing on the other side. She backed up startled and just stared at me. I stepped into the room and grabbed the ugly creature by the throat, and took her to the room where I had been tortured for three hundred and nineteen days. I threw her on the wall with so much force that it stunned her. Next, I went to the cabinet that had all of the chains and shackles. I took out the biggest pair of shackles I found and put them on the creature’s wrists and ankles. Then I chained her to the metal table that was in the middle of the floor.
I turned around and left the room. The air was cold, but I welcomed it. I took in the wonderful sights of all of the dead bushes, grass, and trees. I walked beside the river for a long time. Then, I looked up and breathed a sigh of relief. I’m Home.

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