Teacher-Student Bonds at OHHS

The Impact of The Best Teachers

At OHHS, all teachers care about their students. Whether it’s tutoring, or just helping a student out, they always make an effort to be there for their students. There are many bonds created between teachers and students throughout the school year and those bonds are what make high school classes so memorable. While all teachers attempt to be there for their students, some teachers go above and beyond and truly make an impact in the lives of their students. 

Lourdes Checa is an ELD and Spanish 2 teacher here at Oak Hills High School. She has been teaching at OHHS since its opening in 2009. She not only goes out of her way to make sure that her students are understanding the material, but she goes out of her way to treat her students with utmost respect and appreciation. For example, she never misses a student’s birthday, and she always makes sure the entire class sings to that student. She lets students know that they are cared for. She always goes out of her way to ask the students about their day, or comfort them when they are feeling down. She also goes to every sporting event at OHHS, and always supports her students that are playing. If she ever misses a game, she never fails to have a conversation with the athletes in her classes. 

Checa’s students love her, and they always look forward to her class. A sophomore in her Spanish 2 class, Robert Noy, says that “Mrs. Checa is a great teacher. She not only cares about all of her students, but she wants to see all of us succeed”.

Robert appreciates Checa and the bond he has created with her. 

Laci Olivas, another sophomore in Checa’s Spanish 2 class, recently went through surgery. Checa was constantly checking on her and making sure that she was well. Checa proved to Laci that she not only cares about teaching, but she cares about the well-being of her students too.

Laci states, “Mrs. Checa works with all of her students individually. She cares.” Laci is grateful for the bond she has created with Checa. 

Checa is not only an amazing Spanish 2 teacher, but she is an awesome human too. She makes her students feel like real people. She does not make them feel as if she is better than them, and she is a friend to all. 

Miranda Klein
Mrs. Checa is pictured with Robert Noy and Laci Olivas at a table. They are working on an oral quiz for Spanish 2.

For more information on Mrs. Checa, you can email her at [email protected], or you can always visit her on the OHHS campus in room B-29.  

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