Is Almond Milk Really Milk?


Personally I hate milk and this nut water does not change my opinion or trick me. However this article is not about my bigotry of the milk name, but a simple discussion of the decievement we see from the almond milk name.

Almond milk is a healthy alternative to regular milk. Almond milk is low in sugar and calories, making it a good diet choice compared to regular old dairy milk. Along with diets, almond milk is also a vegan option of cow milk. Any cooking or daily meals, such as cereal, can be completely replaced with a much healthier and vegan alternative.

 Almond milk, by definition, is not milk. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary milk is “a fluid secreted by the mammary glands of females for the nourishment of their young,” a nut does not have a family to feed, a nut grows on a tree and just hangs there, providing no nourishment to any fellow nut.  Almond milk is not a fluid found by opening the nut either, Almonds are solid inside and out. 

In order to make almond milk, you grind up the nut and mix it with water and secrete the extra chunks of nut. Essentially, you are drinking nut flavored water.

The name “Almond milk” derives from the milky look of the nutty liquid. Almond milk is just a fancier name for flavored water. It is not milk nor is it nut juice. Almond milk is flavored water.

Flavored water is nothing new, every drink is flavored water. Energy drinks, soda and anything with water in the name. Almond milk is not entirely almond, they contain vitamins, minerals, sweeteners, and thickening agents.

Almond milk is flavored water, however, it does not just take the taste of almonds in the form of milk. Almond milk is not dairy, almond milk is not a juice, almond milk is flavored water that brings more to your vegan/lactose intolerant table.

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